Kitchen. Bath. Outdoor. Joy.

During the COVID-19 restrictions our showrooms will be open, but operate by appointment only. If you want to change an existing appointment or make a new one use the “create an appointment link” below

The next best thing to being there.

With the PIRCH Virtual Showroom, we try to emulate the actual showroom experience as much as possible. While we're proud of this cool little piece of technology, it is nowhere close to replicating an actual vist. But, until you can get here, this is the best we can do. Press ">" to start your digital journey.

Shop with certainty.

Shopping should be joyful, not stressful. That’s why at PIRCH, we start with the best price, guaranteed. Then we back it up with the only complete and comprehensive three-year warranty in the industry.

Home is where the kitchen is.

Create the stage for life’s most memorable moments.

Relax and soak it in.

Imagine a sanctuary where you can prepare for the day and recharge from it.

Welcome to the greater outdoors.

Entertain family and friends with the most inspiring outdoor cooking equipment.

Dreams. Now available for a test-drive.

PIRCH showrooms are living, breathing showcases of how the right product can transform your space into an expression of your lifestyle. Our executive chefs and advisors help you discover the perfect products and then let you take them for a spin.

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