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When you step into a TOTO tub, you can feel the intention that went into the design, aesthetics, and engineering of each piece and the brand’s focus on celebrating the healing properties of water. TOTO’s smart toilets and washlets have two flushing options to reduce water consumption and waste, feature multiple bidet functions to eliminate the need for toilet paper, and are self-cleaning, limiting excess water needed to maintain your toilet’s hygiene and appearance. Everything about these fixtures is crafted to enhance user experience and decrease environmental impact. At PIRCH, we love how this brand uses traditional Japanese porcelain and pottery techniques to create stunning products that truly enrich the art of bathing combined with the desire to remain sustainable.

TOTO Spotlight

TOTO’s Smart Toilets and Washlet Bidets offer optimal cleanliness with a focus on environmental impact and sustainability. In addition to featuring the latest in water conservation technology, the brand also uses a stain and germ resistant coating on every product, which means less cleaning and fewer opportunities to spread germs and bacteria.

TOTO is a global brand rooted in Japanese culture where porcelain and pottery are respected and revered. The brand offers toilets that are made to center and ground the spaces they inhabit, offering a gorgeous aesthetic that both elevates and enhances the flow and design of your bathroom space.

After almost ten years of research and development, TOTO has created a flotation tub for residential use. Spas and health centers have been using flotation tubs for centuries, and TOTO has designed a tub that brings these benefits into your home. Flotation tubs give you the feeling of complete weightlessness, allowing your body to flow in a tension-free state.


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Neorest is TOTO’s ground-breaking collection of bath products that is emblematic of their focus on aesthetics while creating products that transcend function. These products take the renowned quality of TOTO to a new level of design and fashion. Watch this 5-minute video for more.

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Built-in LED lighting enhances the dream-like aura of the Flotation tub, offering you a unique, transformative, and restorative experience.

The Neorest NX strikes a silhouette that makes a toilet a true design element. TOTO’s advanced smart toilet technology is wrapped in curvaceous shape with a lustrous finish.

Bath Products

TOTO offers a broad selection of tubs including deep soaker tubs, oval, free-standing, and a range of color choices.

Their line of toilets includes conventional models, those with washlets, and Neorest in both floor and wall mounts

The selection of lavatory faucets, tub fillers, and shower sets from TOTO is impressive and embodies the same clean, elegant design aesthetic as their porcelain and ceramic fixtures.

Bath sinks, like their tubs, come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.


Are TOTO products compatible with standard bathroom layouts and plumbing systems?

Yes, but it is necessary to specify whether you have a residential or commercial plumbing system. Residential product is typically used in residential, and commercial product is appropriate for commercial applications. There are several installs that are not “standard,” and TOTO has compatible products for many of those applications as well. 

What are the installation requirements for TOTO products, and does PIRCH offer installation services?

For Washlets and Neorest toilets, the electrical code requires a ground fault 120-volt outlet for bathroom appliances. One needs to be within reach of the three-foot Washlet or Neorest cord. Neorest toilets require a 12″ floor rough-in dimension. There are several other variables that affect installation requirements, such as cabinet width and depth. Installation types also vary by wall-hung, drop-in, undercounter, and vessel. 

See website product spec sheets for specific product install requirements:

Link to TOTO FAQs:  https://www.totousa.com/product-faqs

Currently, PIRCH only installs appliances and does not do any plumbing installation.

How does TOTO’s product design and manufacturing process address environmental sustainability?

TOTO is a world leader in sustainable manufacturing and is committed to reducing its environmental footprint throughout their entire supply chain. By integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of the business, TOTO sets an example for companies across industries worldwide, demonstrating that it is possible to prioritize sustainability while still producing high-quality bathroom products.

To learn more about TOTO’s sustainable manufacturing processes, visit: https://www.totousa.com/blog/toto-a-leader-in-sustainable-manufacturing-practices

How can I find out the pricing and availability of Toto products?

To learn more about pricing and availability of TOTO products, visit a PIRCH showroom near you and speak to a sales consultant.

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