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Distilling 40 years of experience, Waterworks marries impeccable style, superior materials, and effortless simplicity to produce sleek timeless designs. Bringing forth exceptional craftsmanship and exclusive products, Waterworks encompasses plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces for kitchen and bath.

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Waterworks Spotlight

A close up of a pair of Henry Chronos collection faucet handles by Waterworks

Introducing Henry Chronos

Inspired by dive watches, Waterworks’ newest collection updates their celebrated Henry design for a versatile and elegant look with an industrial edge.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the new Riverun collection is a new American classic exemplifying utility and quiet elegance. Steamlined forms and honest details exemplify all-American ease.

The newly expanded Ludlow collection now includes a wide range of finishes (including the Shinola Steel split finish). The Ludlow Volta style offers a softer approach to the collections industrial look with clean lines in place of exposed screws.

The rule-bending collaboration with the innovative design firm ASH NYC casts one of the most beloved and classic fitting designs in 4 playful shades of colored porcelain, paired with solid brass.


With Waterworks’ mixed material options, you can show your distinctive creative touch in a space with a sophisticated an unique look.

Inventive designs like the Regulator offer tactile experiences you won’t find anywhere else, drawing inspiration from inventive places like the industrial controls of the early 1900s.

Waterworks delivers everything you need to get the details of your kitchen perfect, from faucets, sinks, hardware, pot racks, even lighting and surfaces


Created in partnership with Gachot Studios, Bond represents a level of soul and artistry that’s rarely found in modern bath design. Highly versatile, the collection inhabits the full range of modern style, from the austerity of disciplined minimalism to the relaxed appeal of warm contemporary.

A groundbreaking, industrial-inspired collection that entices with powerful shapes, genuine materials and unique aesthetic details. The product of a collaboration between Waterworks and Roman and Williams, R.W. Atlas references a mix of precision-crafted goods from the past, from early microscopes to vintage cameras.

Waterworks’ wide range of bath accessories, vanities, hardware, and more let you coordinate your look seamlessly throughout the whole space.

Waterworks FAQs

What is the full range of products offered by Waterworks?

Waterworks is premier design resource based in the U.S., offering exclusive products that encompass fittings, cabinetry, surfaces, bathtubs, wash-stands, vanities, lighting, hardware, accessories and more.

Does PIRCH provide installation services for Waterworks products, and are they compatible with standard plumbing systems?

PIRCH does not do any plumbing installation at this time, only appliances. All Waterworks products are made to be used with standard U.S. plumbing set-ups and fittings.

What are the typical lead times for the delivery of Waterworks products?

Waterworks typically keeps all valves in-stock as well as their standard finishes, which include: chrome, polished nickel, and unlacquered brass.

Are there options for customizing Waterworks products to fit personal styles?

Customization is limited to specific handle styles within series. For example, the range of colored and textured handles available in the “Bond” collection.

How can I find out the pricing and availability of Waterworks products?

To learn more about pricing and availability of Waterworks products, visit a PIRCH showroom near you and speak with a sales consultant.

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