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Founded in 1950 and headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany, Dornbracht is the leading specialist for superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spas, and kitchens. With clearly defined design principles that ensure long-lasting product design and an uncompromising focus on user needs, Dornbracht has developed bathrooms and kitchens into living spaces, consistently setting new standards in the process.

As a premium manufacturer, they are renowned for design and architectural competence with manufacturing quality of the highest level. Their brand slogan “Leading Designs for Architecture” reflects their leadership in the field.

In its 70 years of operation, Dornbracht has developed a diverse customer-base, speaking to the company’s broad selection of products and ability to successfully execute a variety of designs. Whether you’re looking for fixtures to complete a zen-filled bath escape or for finishes to bring character into a new kitchen, Dornbracht’s goal is to enrich your life.

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Dornbracht Spotlight

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We just finished expanding our showroom in Rancho Mirage, CA and now have a bath gallery that is completely new and twice as large as before. Take this quick video tour of the Dornbracht display.

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Designs that match all styles, preferences, and spaces. Dornbracht uses a range of textures and materials to create kitchen and bath fixtures to fit seamlessly into customers’ daily lives and rituals. From washing your hands to washing the dishes, Dornbracht’s designs make even the mundane feel extraordinary.

Timeless & Tireless

With 70 years in business, Dornbracht offers kitchen and bath fixtures and finishes that preserve the integrity of your space, enhance water efficiency and conservation, and provide a lifetime of style and function.


The basic shape of a circle is the central design element, perfected by circular handles. Carefully selected finishes underscore the exclusive features of CYO and guarantee stylishness and durability.

A large and inspiring range of handles in various finishes and designs allows a high degree of design freedom. In addition to the standard finishes available, six exclusive custom finishes made of natural stone with extravagant textures broaden the range of options for individualization.

Discover the the CYO product world, in all its variety: Fittings with timeless designs for basin, bath and shower.


With a mix and match of textures, colors and materials, CL.1 embodies progressive bathroom fitting design with extravagant accents and new opportunities for giving your bathroom personality. CL.1 adapts perfectly to your personal design wishes with different handle variants and finishes.

Gentle play of water on the hands: a spray face with 40 soft, individual jets was developed specifically for CL.1. It offers especially efficient water consumption.


CL.1 offers a variety of product solutions for the washstand application area – from the one-hand regulator as a standing or wall-mounted variant all the way to a three-hole regulator.

Other Collections


Organic water flow and a design reduced to the essentials are defining characteristics of MEM. Reminiscent of a spring–one of the oldest and purest sources of water–the intentionally conservative design of MEM complements the ambiance of various bathroom architectures with ease.


META is minimalism in its purest form. It embodies variety and stylistic competence at the same time. It enables expression of personality and attitude. The finish becomes a canvas for individuality. Combining modern minimalism with aesthetic longevity, META is always a sure choice.


VAIA spans a bridge between traditional and modern style elements. Its basic design exudes the spirit of a classical fitting, yet the slender lines of the open silhouette anchor the series firmly in the present. VAIA is entirely in the here and now. Completely in balance


TARA embodies timeless perfection and character. Often imitated but never equaled: The iconic TARA has reinvented itself time and again over the years while still maintaining its extraordinary charisma through various iterations. Its fascinating aura is the result of a perfect balance in function, design and performance. The TARA is the original, remaining familiar yet new at the same time.

Dornbracht FAQs

What makes Dornbracht’s products unique?

Dornbracht finishes represent superb manufacturing quality, variety, and design assurance in interior design. They are noted for their impressive intensity, depth of color and brilliance, are functional, and aesthetically durable.

What are Dornbracht’s product collections?

Dornbracht offers designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spas, and kitchens.

Are there options for customizing Dornbracht products to fit personal styles?

Dornbracht manufactures customized products based on your unique design vision. Whether it’s small adjustments or a completely customized product, Dornbracht has the manufacturing expertise, the design expertise, and the flexibility to realize your ideas in style and with the best possible quality. With Dornbracht, there are no limits to your imagination.

How can I find out the pricing and availability of Dornbracht products?

To learn about pricing and availability of Dornbracht products, visit a PIRCH showroom near you and speak to a sales consultant.

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