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Turnstyle is a family-owned business that produces some of the world’s best and most sought-after door and cabinet hardware. All Turnstyle hardware is crafted in one Barnstaple, England-based factory. Turnstyle craftsmen and artisans care as much about how their hardware looks as they do about functionality and sustainability. While door and cabinet hardware is often overlooked, these small details can truly make or break a room. A sleek, well-designed piece of hardware can create a flow and energy that reverberates throughout a space, immediately elevating a room’s look and feel. At PIRCH, we value that Turnstyle has an inherent understanding of the central role that hardware can play. The brand produces chic door, cabinet, and furniture hardware that always engages and never overpowers. When your hand touches a Turnstyle door knob or drawer pull, you can feel the intention and detail that went into every inch of the product’s conception and creation.

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Turnstyle Spotlight

The Amalfine line is made from a range of materials, including marble, bronze, aluminum, and a selection of dyes. The result is a line that looks and acts more like a composite than a “finish,” offering unparalleled texture and beauty.

Turnstyle Leather collection is iconic and one of their signatures. Handcrafted from Italian leather to your specifications.

Layered Knobs combine multiple materials and finishes to create a combination that is the best of all components.

Amalfine Collection

This collection includes several handle designs that elevate hardware to an art form. The Wire design shown here comes in a choice of colors for grip and posts.

The wound wire styling on the grip has a subtle look, but a distinctive texture that gives it a tactile feature.

The hammered barrel design shown here is another of the styles available in the Amalfine collection.

Other grip textures include this woven leather styling which is available in various handle and pull configurations.

Leather Collection

Available in diverse styles and colors, Turnstyle’s leather collection uses leather and metal to create an engaging and stimulating cabinet and door aesthetic.

All Turnstyle’s leather collection pieces are made from genuine leather from the Tuscany region of Italy and painstakingly hand crafted. The result is a piece that begs to be touched.

Leather designs are available in wrapped, woven or flat like this one.

You even have a choice of leather colors – tan, chestnut, chocolate, black, gray and bright colors like these.

Other Collections

The Hammered Collection gives a textured look and feel to your cabinets and doors. Available in a range of finishes and styles, this collection provides an engaging touchpoint for your home and living space.

Labyrinth is inspired by nature’s geometry, designed in collaboration with Winch Design.

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