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Cooking outdoors is a truly immersive experience. When you cook outside, you bring the energy and beauty of nature into your food, harnessing the power and dynamism of every element to enhance the taste, flavor, and experience of your meals. Kalamazoo makes free-standing outdoor cooking equipment that honors this experience. The company’s grills are aesthetically stunning and functionally brilliant. Whether you’re trying to master an old classic or push your cooking game to new levels, Kalamazoo can help you execute everything perfectly, from pizza and roasted duck to burgers, steaks, and even apple pie for dessert.

Kalamazoo also offers the industry’s only true hybrid grill and can be used with gas, charcoal, or wood. Changing your grill’s fuel modifies the taste and profile of your food, allowing you to experiment with different combinations and levels of smokiness and flavor. Kalamazoo grills are not designed to be a seasonal cooking appliance or weekend indulgence; they’re designed to accommodate quality outdoor cooking all year-round. At Kalamazoo, there is a core belief that grilling is, and should always be, a limitless experience, and at Pirch, we couldn’t agree more.

Kalamazoo Spotlight

Kalamazoo grills accommodate all taste profiles and preferences. With a range of attachments, these grills can broil, roast, sear, and bake. As the industry’s only true hybrid grill, Kalamazoo grills work with gas, charcoal, and wood, allowing you to change the flavor profiles of your meal at will and with ease.

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Watch as our Chef Kimberly & Erika create a delicious Holidays-inspired meal all done on the Kalamazoo grill. Outdoor cooking like you never imagined is possible when you use Kalamazoo’s line of outdoor cooking appliances.

The Hybrid Fire Grill

With heavy, cast-bronze burners and heat circulation other grills aspire to, Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Fire grill is the highest-performance gas grill available.

Cook with any combination of gas, wood and charcoal: the Hybrid Fire is impressively versatile, with a temperature range that lets you sear quickly, or cook low and slow.

Kalamazoo’s signature heavy cast-bronze Dragon Burners™ have an operating temperature range from 250°F to 750°F, and were designed specifically for the Hybrid Fire. They’re fully optimized to deliver the best, most even heat you’ve ever experienced.

The Shokunin Grill

In Japan, grilling meat is something that evokes passion and is very much steeped in duality. Traditional Japanese grilling uses gentle heat to develop bold, robust flavors and tastes.

The Kalamazoo Shokunin is taller and more versatile than other Kalamazoo models, giving you three levels of fire and allowing you to place your heat further away from your food which provides more control over searing, texture, and overall taste.

With precise internal mechanisms and a stainless steel exterior, this grill is unrivaled in aesthetics and overall functionality.

The Gaucho Grill

The Gaucho Grill, inspired by Argentinian barbecue, features an open wood fire and whole-animal motorized rotisserie that offers a multi-sensory cooking experience. 

With a gas-fired starter that effortlessly ignites the grill’s wood fuel, the Gaucho allows you to see, smell, and taste your food as you make it, offering a unique level of control over your final product.

The Kalamazoo Pizza Oven

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Watch Erika and Chef Kim use the Kalamazoo Pizza Oven to bake Parker House rolls from scratch and make an easy appetizer of  Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with Boursin herbed cheese.

The Kalamazoo Pizza Oven attachment helps you transport from your backyard to the streets of Sicily, turning your outdoor grill into an authentic wood-burning (or gas or charcoal-burning) pizza oven.

With its countertop design, this attachment fits seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor kitchen, avoiding aesthetic or functional challenges and difficulty. The oven is compact and gives you everything you need to create the perfect pie every time.

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