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JennAir is a brand that elevates the art of luxury kitchen appliances, creating products that defy standards and push boundaries. Their progressive designs offer modern appliances for the 21st-century kitchen, melding aesthetic, engineering, and performance excellence to create kitchen appliances that are as “next level” as they come. While some brands exist to celebrate and adhere to norms, JennAir seeks to challenge them, offering their customers appliances that change perceptions of what kitchens can and should be.

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Flat tine oven racks that glide fluidly and fully extend when loaded. Mobile app support for remote access and an inspiring culinary center to help you plan new dishes. Dual-stacked burners offering precise high heat sears and low slow simmers at your command.

Watch Chef Kim and McKenna talk about what makes JennAir a favorite for style and performance.

Smoke & Brass is a limited edition Professional-style Range, now on display exclusively on the west coast at PIRCH. With a one-of-a-kind finish, phenomenal craftsmanship and materials, and a mere 50 produced, it’s beyond an appliance: it’s an art piece.

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Watch this video to see how to prepare these Peach Blueberry Hand Pies with Chef Kim. These treats were created using the JennAir Rise Dual Fuel Range. For the full instructions and more inspiration, visit our Recipes Page.


Two distinct design styles that redefine the high end kitchen. JennAir’s commercial, traditional RISE™ Design Expression and modern, minimalist NOIR™ Design Expression offer two bold divergent looks. Whether it’s indulgent brushed brass accents or alluring hidden lace textures, JennAir offers exceptional kitchen appliances whose striking contrast is only matched by their independent beauty.

Creating appliances that advance the art of cooking, Jenn Air products are all wi-fi enabled and come with an iPhone and Android app to allow remote control of their products. Internal food temperature is readily displayed, taking the risk and guesswork out of cooking more challenging meats and fishes.

Maximize your space with JennAir’s Kitchen Design for Urban Living series. Custom 15″ cooktops offer versatile cooking through electric griddles, induction woks, gas cooktops, and more.


Storage solutions like Twin Fresh™ Climate Control and the Gourmet Bay™ Drawer offers the flexibility to preserve with care. Trinity Cooling uses precision sensors to calibrate three distinct refrigeration zones, maintaining perfect humidity levels and temperature exactly as you need them.

JennAir’s obsidian interiors take inspiration from volcanic glass to deliver a reflective and alluringly dark finish, while over 650 LEDs of ecliptic lighting frame and fill in dramatic glory.

Indulge in limited special-edition statement pieces like Cuts by JennAir, completing their columns with the warmth of leather.


As an early pioneer in hoodless ovens and downdraft ventilation, JennAir continues to innovate, offering a selection of ventilation solutions whose clean designs compliment near-silent performance.

With powerful cleaning contained in sleek understated form, JennAir’s dishwashers perform quiet enough to blend in seamlessly.

With compact systems that deliver beyond their size, JennAir’s Kitchen Design for Urban Living offers Steam and Convection Ovens, Warming drawers, Coffee Systems, and more.

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