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PIRCH offers an elevated, highly interactive shopping experience dedicated to realizing the dreams you have for your home. Come and discover our fully-functional kitchen, bath and outdoor living products – from refrigerators, ovens, ranges and grills to hot-and-cold running showers, spas, basins and baths made in the US and around the globe. But what makes us different…

We are not here to sell you what we want, rather our focus is to guide you to discover and fall in love with the best products that best suit how you live.  It’s your playground to explore before you buy as you sample complimentary chef-prepared sweet and savory bites and hand crafted coffees, ensuring a lifetime of Joy.

You’ll never pay more, and the inspiration is free.  We will match any competitor’s quote, period – no strings attached, loopholes, fine print or disclaimers. It’s called our Equal Value Assurance.

Following a purchase, PIRCH’s own trained and certified team will deliver and install the products into your home with the utmost care and attention.  This translates to a level of accountability, trust and professionalism that will inspire confidence – so much so that we offer an additional extended warranty at no cost on all products installed by our certified teams.

Take a tour of our award-winning Costa Mesa showroom: