2024 Kitchen Design Trends


As 2023 comes to a close, our eyes are on the 2024 kitchen trends. As time goes on, kitchens are becoming a multifunctional hub for cooking, dining, and socializing. As a result, homeowners want to ensure that their kitchens are optimized in terms of workflow, appliances, versatility, and of course, the aesthetic. Specifically, biophilic design will be an overarching trend in kitchen design for 2024, as homeowners are striving to create a calming and organic atmosphere in their home. Let’s explore the standout kitchen trends for 2024!

Colorful Cabinetry

The decline in popularity of the monochromatic, all-white or all-grey kitchen is paving the way for color-infused kitchens. In 2024, we’re anticipating dramatic color tones for cabinetry such as rich earth tones, smoky blues, reds, and purples. With the rise of biophilic design, which involves integrating nature into décor, shades of green will be a popular choice. Look into approachable and muted greens like sage or olive to add a natural and organic feel to your kitchen.

If you’re feeling stumped on how to seamlessly incorporate color into your kitchen, Moya O’Neill, owner and CEO of Moya Living advises to “think of mixing the colors with materials.” For instance, “cool steel cabinetry and countertops need balancing with warm wood pieces like cabinetry, cubbies, vent hoods and backs of islands as well as tactile materials like baskets, rugs and materials on chairs.”

If you need guidance on which color to choose, Moya suggests to “simplify it to what color makes you feel good.” She continues, “ask yourself, what colors are you attracted to? What colors do you wear? Some need bright and bold, and others need neutrals.”

For those less excited about a dramatic color story, try muted tones like beiges and taupes instead of white. These shades will automatically add warmth to your space without having to commit to a specific color. Or, if you want to start small with color, test on trim work, crown molding, doors, or stairway railings.

Moya Living is known for designing and manufacturing powder-coated steel custom cabinetry in almost any color. Their cabinets feature soft-close hinges, sound deadening, specialty drawers, and more.

According to Moya, “We like to create a star of the kitchen. Something that makes the homeowner happy to look at everyday.”

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Watch as Erika Hosking and Moya O’Neill walk us through this beautiful outdoor kitchen display at our Desert Oasis showhouse, featuring Moya Cabinetry.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials The Galley Workstation

While nearly every home kitchen has a kitchen island, not every island is a workstation. The primary benefit of choosing to include a kitchen island in your space is to provide extra seating and storage space, but you don’t have to stop there. Islands can also house a sink and appliances like a dishwasher or microwave oven, making them more convenient for everyday use. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, “more than 57% of designers say their clients prefer an eat-in kitchen area instead of a formal dining room and 48% identified large islands as a top priority for serving and dining.”

A multipurpose kitchen island can be a convenient prep area, a central gathering space, and a true workstation for cooking, serving, and entertaining. With the right design, you can make your kitchen island the heart of your kitchen. One of our favorite solutions to creating a multipurpose kitchen island is The Galley Workstation. If you’re searching for the perfect area to mise en place, cook, serve, and entertain, The Galley is your best friend. When entertaining, having a workstation becomes invaluable. Instead of running back and forth between appliances or different areas in your kitchen, keep your most used items like cutting boards, bowls, and strainers in one place.

Gabby Vonigas from The Galley explains that “in your Galley Workstation, you can chop, strain, and mix easily and ergonomically to prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a cooktop nearby.” In addition, by “using various Serving Boards, you can quickly and conveniently transform your prepare and cook station into a serve station or set out drinks and hors d’oeuvres to create an ideal entertain station.”

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials The Galley Workstation

Fashion Forward Hoods

In 2024, don’t be shy. Make your hood the focal point of your kitchen! Instead of hiding a range hood, think about showing it off with a unique design. The thought process behind this trend seems to be: If you’re carefully considering how kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring work together, why not apply that same logic to the range hood? Personally, we couldn’t agree more!

The good news is, there are endless range hood styles to choose from. Finish options include bright colors, stone, plaster, metallics, panels, and more. There are even a multitude of shapes to consider, such as barrel-shaped, cylindrical, bell-shaped, sloped, and chimney-shaped. Moreover, as there become even more ways to customize range hoods, we predict that this trend will be here to stay.

No matter what your style preferences are, a multitude of range hoods are available at PIRCH from brands like Vent-A-Hood, Modern Aire, Zephyr, and more.

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Watch as Erika Hosking and Adam Pinkerton from Mode Distributing walk through this beautiful display in Solana Beach featuring a gorgeous custom Vent-A-Hood.

High Drama Backsplashes and Countertops

It’s time to level up your surfaces in 2024! In the coming year, we will be seeing a lot of dramatic, marble veined stone for backsplashes and islands. The best part? There are no grout lines to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

One of the most popular choices for slabs will be quartz, but marble will never go out of style for good reason. The endless variations in marble make each slab unique, and the beauty of the veining is something that many homeowners value. In terms of color, we will see a little bit of everything in 2024. Most commonly, slabs will likely be seen in white with darker veining (think Calacatta marble), but black, dark green, or charcoal slabs of marble are perfect for a moodier vibe.

Natural stone is a great option for kitchens but has its downsides. As a result, many homeowners are prioritizing sustainability and low-maintenance materials and opting for materials inspired by natural stones instead of the real thing. 

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Watch this video to see why food blogger Whitney Bond opted for the Dekton Natural Collection for her outdoor kitchen countertops.

Taking Kitchens Outdoors

An up-and-coming trend for 2024 is taking your kitchen outside. As homeowners desire a stronger connection to nature and the outdoors, it only makes sense to take activities such as cooking and entertaining, outside.

Outdoor kitchens will continue to rise in popularity as homeowners realize that you can have everything you have indoors (and more), outdoors. From pizza ovens, to side burners, to griddles, to smokers, you can create an outdoor kitchen that you crave spending time in. There’s also no need to stress over whether your outdoor space can withstand the elements with the advances made in weatherproofing for appliances, countertops, cabinetry, and more. Weather-resistant materials, pergolas or awnings, and appliance covers can offer extra protection for your outdoor kitchen in the heat, humidity, snow, and rain.

10 Holiday Hosting Essentials Dometic Home Mobile Bar

When building an outdoor kitchen, you’ll also want to consider how you’ll be entertaining in your outdoor space. With a larger space, you may want to consider appliances with mobile components, such as modular and mobile surfaces from Vlaze, and a mobile bar cart from Dometic Home. Also consider elements like seating, heat, and adequate refrigeration space for food and drink.

Panel Ready Appliances

While stainless steel appliances will remain mainstream, panel-ready appliances are most definitely on trend for kitchen design in 2024. Panel ready appliances are unfinished appliances that are ready to be covered with a panel that seamlessly matches the rest of your cabinetry. The good news is that most standard kitchen appliances come in a panel ready option, including refrigerators, dishwashers, trash compactors, and wine coolers.

Panel ready appliances offer a custom, seamless look to a kitchen that you can’t achieve any other way. If you’re aiming for a high-end, designer kitchen, covering appliances with custom panels is the way to go. However, while there are stylistic benefits to integrating appliances into your cabinetry, this trend is not without its challenges. First, you must purchase a panel-ready appliance; you cannot purchase a regular refrigerator or dishwasher and expect to be able to add a panel door to it! In addition, ovens and microwaves are not available in panel ready options, due to the heat they emit. Finally, panel ready appliances tend to cost more than standard options.

If you are considering panel ready appliances for your upcoming build or renovation, speak to a knowledgeable PIRCH Sales Consultant about your options for appliances and cabinetry.

Kitchen Jewelry

Kitchen design trends for 2024 include daring hardware choices to adorn your kitchen. When we say that hardware is like jewelry for a kitchen, this is what we mean!

In 2024, expect to see matte black and titanium finishes growing in popularity. However, gold tones like brass will continue to be popular, both in polished or matte finishes. Examples include brushed brass, polished brass, matte bronze, or matte champagne. Try golden tones for knobs, pulls, or décor touches to warm up your space. Can’t decide on cool or warm-toned hardware? Try mixing metals for an edgier look, using one finish for light fixtures and larger features, and another for smaller details like cabinet knobs and pulls.

In addition, we might see more organic shapes incorporated into hardware in the upcoming year, like spherical or bulbous shapes, curved shapes, and even floral-inspired designs. This plays into the biophilic design idea that will weave itself through 2024 design trends.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking is becoming increasingly common in the U.S., and we can guarantee it will be a kitchen trend for 2024 with the increased focus on sustainability. First, what is induction cooking? Induction cooking is a method of cooking that uses a copper coil underneath the cooking surface to generate electromagnetic energy. This energy transfers directly to your cookware to make it hot enough to cook food.

There are many pros to choosing an induction cooktop for your kitchen. These include more precise temperature control when cooking, a higher level of safety, ease of cleaning, and a lower impact on the environment. In terms of design, they also offer an incredibly sleek look to a kitchen and are often times imperceptible to the eye as they blend directly into the countertop. Induction cooktops are widely available from brands at PIRCH like Thermador, La Cornue, Wolf, and Ilve.

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To learn more about induction cooking, watch as Chef Kimberly introduces you to the Thermador Freedom® Induction Cooktop.

That wraps up all the standout kitchen trends for 2024! Did you like these trends? Would you incorporate any of them into your next kitchen design? We love a good trend, but also see the benefit of a timeless, classic kitchen. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you will love long-term in your kitchen and to choose the right appliances for your lifestyle!

Are you looking to build or renovate a kitchen in 2024? We can help! Click here to make an appointment at your nearest PIRCH showroom.

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