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La Cornue

The La Cornue’s story is a tale of a zealous family business passed down from generation to generation. Albert Dupuy started the company in 1908 in Paris when he invented the natural gas oven. His son, Andre Dupuy, succeeded Albert and not only made the La Cornue’s design better, but focused on making the product state of the art. In 1985, Andres’s son, Xavier, took over the business and made the company what it is today – an international corporation that continues to rise to the challenges of new technologies and is one of the best in its class. Julia Child cooked on La Cornue ranges when she lived in Paris and became one of La Cornue’s greatest ambassadors. Her Range is still working today, which is a testament to the quality and noble heritage of these heirloom ranges. When we think of La Cornue, we envision beautiful and exquisite craftsmanship. La Cornue ranges are a true showstopper in our showrooms and a constant “Wish List” item for foodies and interior designers alike.

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