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The Galley

The kitchen is about much more than making a meal; it’s the heart of the home. The Galley was created to make life in the kitchen easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. A whole new category of kitchen appliance, the Ideal Kitchen Workstation is the ultimate culinary system. Each Galley is hand-crafted in the USA.

The Galley Workstation

In your Galley, you can chop, strain and mix easily and ergonomically to prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a cooktop nearby.

Using various Serving Boards, quickly and conveniently transform your prepare and cook station into a serve station or set out drinks and hors d’oeuvres to create an ideal entertain station.

Contain the mess within your Galley and clean throughout preparing, cooking, serving, and entertaining! Consider adding a separate WashStation™ to easily isolate the mess.

Prepare & Cook

Prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a Galley near a cooktop. Essential Culinary Tools are kept in the Workstation, always ready for use.

Serve & Entertain

Quickly and easily turn the Prepare Station into a Serving Station. Create the ideal entertaining spread with the versatile Culinary Tools and Serving Board.


Contain the mess throughout preparation, cooking, serving, and entertaining.


With your Galley Tap, you can easily fill pots with Laminar mode on the Workstation or directly on an adjacent cooktop. Use the ergonomic Slide Switch and effortlessly toggle to the powerful Jet Spray mode and efficiently clean fruits & vegetables and wash Culinary Tools, cookware and dishes.

The Galley Tap is the first and only kitchen faucet thoughtfully designed, engineered, and manufactured to function perfectly with a specific line of kitchen sinks, or in our case, kitchen workstations. Simply put, it completes The Galley Workstation.


The Galley Dresser has been thoughtfully composed to serve as the ultimate pairing of culinary function and fine kitchen furniture.

Every single compartment is thoughtful and useful. The functionality of the interior adds to the beauty and impressiveness of what The Dresser is. Nothing is forced. The ebonized Walnut interior storage system is made exclusively to house the Galley Culinary Tools, utensils, knives, spices, and oils.

With a curated selection of 13 luxurious high gloss painted and exotic wood finishes and 9 stunning hardware & trim finishes, The Dresser is available in 117 bespoke combinations. Whichever combination you choose, each Dresser is made to order by the finest craftsmen and artisans in the USA.

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