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Discover VLAZE outdoor kitchens, meticulously crafted in England on the Isle of Wight. With a legacy in design and manufacturing since 1972, this family company delivers exceptional enameled furniture for outdoor living. These versatile pieces are ideal for food preparation and al fresco dining, featuring stainless steel modules wrapped in durable porcelain enamel. The weatherproof surface is achieved by fusing powdered glass to steel at temperatures over 1500°F, resulting in a luxurious, heatproof, hygienic, and stain-resistant glaze. The units are conveniently mobile with castors, allowing effortless space customization. Choose from a wide range of sizes and exquisite finishes to create your perfect outdoor culinary experience.

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VLAZE Spotlight

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Sandy Newton, host of Desert Chat on KESQ in Palm Springs joins Alicia from our Store Design team to talk about the new VLAZE display at our Rancho Mirage showroom.

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VLAZE where heritage meets innovation. British made kitchens from the renowned company behind the iconic enameled signage of the London Underground.

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Take your outdoor culinary experience to new heights as renowned English Chef Ben Cooke crafts a sumptuous poolside feast on his vibrant Ochre enameled kitchen. Elevate your cooking environment and indulge in culinary excellence.

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Food enthusiast Charlie Irons prepares a leisurely Sunday lunch at his picturesque Cotswolds home in the heart of England. Beautiful pieces of furniture that offer the perfect solution for food preparation and unforgettable al fresco dining experiences.

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VLAZE is the ultimate centerpiece for gathering friends and family. With integrated options for gas or charcoal grills, it offers unparalleled versatility. Wheel into place to create the ideal hub for food preparation and hosting unforgettable moments with drinks in hand.

ADAPT Kitchen Modules

Adapt Island

The ultimate centerpiece for your terrace, providing a space to gather, prepare food, and serve drinks in style.

Adapt kitchen Island

A versatile module available in 2 sizes featuring a cooking appliance, sink, and faucet. Choose between an integrated gas grill or a charcoal barbecue for your cooking needs. 

Adapt modular

Effortlessly reconfigure and relocate modules to suit your preferences. Enhance functionality with a corner piece for an L-shaped setup or add a refrigeration unit to keep refreshingly cool.

Adapt bespoke

Craving something unique? Experience a truly personalized kitchen with VLAZE’s custom service. Built in the UK to meet your specific requirements, it’s the epitome of individuality.

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