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Victoria & Albert

Victoria & Albert doesn’t just make bathtubs; they design bold, structural pieces of art for the home. The brand is centered on a refusal to accept the idea that a tub is mono purpose. They view the bathtub as a central design element of the bathroom, a space that should engage, inspire, and stimulate the senses. At PIRCH, we like to think of this brand as a design house that happens to make some of the world’s best tubs, offering its customers unique fixtures to transform the aesthetic, flow, and energy of the bathroom. 

When you purchase a Victoria and Albert tub, you’re making a declaration that you believe in the power of indulgence and that your body and your space deserve the best. Based in the UK and South Africa, the brand employs a diverse design and production team that blend cultures, landscapes, and design elements, creating dynamic bathtubs that elevate the art of bathing.

Victoria & Albert Spotlight

When it comes to color and design, Victoria & Albert are diverse and multifaceted. Their tubs are designed to meet all styles, preferences, and spaces. From modern to traditional and stark white to bold blue, the brand has mastered the art of design, offering tubs that can be used as the centerpiece and inspiration.

This brand is truly international. With headquarters in the UK and South Africa, Victoria & Albert draw inspiration from both countries, creating a product line that is dynamic and diverse. The Victoria & Albert team is a collection of cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, and design ethos, creating global designs that are bold and unique.

Victoria & Albert use volcanic limestone to create their tubs, a material renowned for its strength and brilliance. Volcanic limestone is extremely hard, which means that Victoria & Albert tubs are built to last.

The stone also offers a uniquely bright shade of white, creating a stunning, minimalist sheen that will never dull or fade. Using volcanic limestone also allows the brand to cast their tubs as single pieces, creating a natural look that adds depth, texture, and beauty to the bathroom.

Victoria + Albert is part of the House of Rohl, a family of brands bringing together some of the most exquisite designs in kitchen and bath fixtures. The House of Rohl strives to curate an exceptional selection highlighting craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics, and innovative design.

Bathtubs and Sinks


The Amalfi freestanding tub is a timeless model within the Victoria + Albert® range. Taking its design inspiration from the traditional freestanding slipper bathtub, and then removing the clawfeet, this tub is given a sleek and luxurious feel. Features void space underneath for drain plumbing.


Designed by Meneghello Paoletti Associati of Milan, the Amiata collection offers a timeless, yet modern look with elegant proportions, sophisticated detailing, comfort and ergonomic shape.


The egg-shaped asymmetric Napoli collections baths and sinks are the focal point in any bathroom.

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