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House of Rohl

The House of Rohl is timeless, diverse, elegant, and unapologetic. Comprised of five distinct brands, the House of Rohl offers kitchen and bath fixtures that bring immediate style and personality to any room they inhabit. Each of the five House of Rohl brands is unique in their own right, offering creative, innovative kitchen and bath designs for all lifestyles, personalities, and environments.

At the House of Rohl, water is dynamic, an element demanding to be seen, heard, and felt. When you walk into a room featuring a House of Rohl fixture, it’s an immersive experience. The feel of their fixtures, the sound of the water, the impeccable design and shape of their products–combined, these elements offer a fixture experience that cannot be replicated.

The House of Rohl invites you to experience water in ways you never thought possible.

The House of Rohl Spotlight

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The House of Rohl’s illustrious family of brands are on display in all PIRCH showrooms.


ROHL’s Eclissi™ kitchen faucet design is as rarified as an eclipse. Circular sun and moon shapes align with different finish combinations to create singular styles.

Victoria + Albert® baths and sinks are sculptural forms of sheer beauty. Each a work of art made to last a lifetime and destined to be the centerpiece of any bathroom.



ROHL’s collections seek to tell stories of place and period. They work alongside designers around the world to pay tribute to art and architecture, myth and history, craft and the natural world, creating objects of authentic luxury.


The Tenerife design captures the natural beauty of the Canary Islands in a physical form, with embossing that echoes the intricate patterns found on palm tree trunks.


Named for Piazza del Campo in Sienna, Italy, the Campo™ handle and escutcheon design emulates the valve/stem combination used in the building of industrial conduit systems. Made by northern Italian craftsmen, using know-how passed down through generations.


Since 1892, Allia™ fine fireclay sinks have been crafted in Limoges, France the region celebrated for exemplary porcelain. Each Allia sink is covered with a thick layer of luminous glaze, which fuses with the clay to provide an extremely strong surface combined with a resplendent sheen.

Perrin & Rowe


Crafted in England, Perrin & Rowe® takes a small batch, bespoke approach. Like the finest jewelry, Perrin & Rowe faucets have an exacting sense of proportion, grace, and elegance, bringing together the foremost in innovation with the height of British craftsmanship.


The Holborn™ Collection is contemporary yet timeless, complementing everything from traditional to modern décor, and every style in between.


The Perrin & Rowe® Armstrong™ Kitchen Collection is a perfect blend of modern luxury and industrial design. Inspired by Joseph and George Armstrong, brothers and pioneers of the Industrial Revolution in Wolverhampton, the English town where Perrin & Rowe products are still manufactured today.



Since their founding in England in 1897, Shaws has put time, passion, and pride into every fireclay sink they create. Each one is made by hand by a single master craftsman, taught by the master craftsmen who came before and signed by its maker. This human touch is what sets our handcraft apart, for a result that’s beautiful, timeless and original.


From country cottages to modern farmhouses to contemporary lofts: whatever your design vision, there’s a timeless beauty that a Shaws kitchen sink adds to the most intimate of spaces.


The Shaws® Egerton™ Fireclay Sink takes the apron front aesthetic to yet another level, adding a decorative inset framework to the sink’s front panel. Consider it the equivalent of crown moulding for the ceiling, but for the kitchen’s most hard-working space.



Originating in Quebec, Riobel® combines European panache with North American flair. Design and engineering work hand in hand and come together brilliantly through imagination, innovation, and ingenuity.


The simple yet distinctive shape of the Reflet™ Collection is intended to reflect the contrast of water. The design encapsulates a soft wavy surface embedded within a rigid frame, balancing the elegance and the power of water in one single collection.


Softened right angles reign in the Equinox™ Collection, creating streamlined drama for the most modern of environments. A fusion of engineering functionality and striking design creates a seamless flow with contemporary sophistication.

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