PIRCH Premier Terms & Conditions


The Pirch Premier Program (the “Program”) is available exclusively to qualified trade professionals (the “Participants”). Builders and/or contractors must have a valid contractors license on file with Pirch to participate in the Program. Design Professionals must meet the credentialing requirements set forth by Pirch to qualify for the Program. Such requirements may include, but not be limited to, having a tax resale certificate, providing a taxpayer ID number, or other evidence of providing design services as a business.


Participants enrolled in the Pirch Premier program will earn points for purchasing qualified products from Pirch. Points are calculated on the purchase amount of all qualified products less sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery/install charges and restocking fees. Points are earned upon the shipment/invoicing of qualified products. Participants may not redeem points until items are invoiced.

Points are accrued as a percentage of purchase price which may vary by product category and/or type, including Appliances, Plumbing, Outdoor and Hardware. Accrual percentages are subject to change from time to time without advance notice and at the sole discretion of Pirch. Any product purchased at a non-standard price and/or as part of a vendor partner program or other promotion are excluded from the Program. Other exclusions may apply. Participants shall not accrue rewards from the redemption of Pirch Premier points. All points earned will expire two (2) years after their issuance date if not redeemed. For purposes of the expiration, all points will be considered ‘issued’ on the 5th day of each calendar month for all qualifying purchases earned the month prior.


Participants may redeem points upon request. Points can be applied toward outstanding balance from the purchase of products from Pirch. Points may not be redeemed for prior purchases, purchases made for resale, sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery/install charges, and restocking fees.