A Team Effort

We are a diverse, friendly and passionate bunch of individuals, and each one of our team members plays an essential role in the success of our company. Take a look at what some of the folks here have to say about their experience working at PIRCH!

Renè Sweeney

Sales Consultant, Glendale

Renè helps her wonderful clients select appliances for their lifestyle, design, aesthetic, and budget. 

Renè’s favorite part about working for PIRCH is helping her clients and seeing the joy our products bring them. She also loves her co-workers and PIRCH! According to Renè, “we have an amazing company culture and it’s a fun place to work!”

Willy Cordova

Logistics Manager, Oceanside Distribution Center

Willy plays a very important role in supporting our warehouse department by assisting with logistics, reverse logistics and order fulfillment.

His favorite part about working for PIRCH is the team camaraderie, and the friendships created through working alongside his teammates.

Dan Leitch

Director of Delivery and Installation

Dan manages delivery and installation in the San Diego region and ensures that all team members are keeping to our high level of customer service. Dan assists the showrooms with any delivery and install issues and helps come up with solutions to get projects back on track. He also works closely with our store design team on organizing showroom remodels to keep our showrooms looking fresh. In addition, he manages our company’s fleet to ensure the trucks stay in good working condition and works with our marketing team to keep our vendor wraps current on the trucks.

According to Dan, “I love how much internal growth you can have at our company. Myself included, I started as a Level 1 installer and worked my way up to where I am now, and I am just one example of many of my colleagues in their collective fields here at PIRCH that have had the same opportunities. I also love how well all the managers collaborate to solve whatever problems come our way.”

Annette Reeves

Sales Consultant, Costa Mesa

Annette helps our clients select appliances and fixtures according to their needs, style, and budget. According to Annette, “Functionality is key, and I love helping families find the right products that work with how they live.”

When we asked Annette what her favorite part about working for PIRCH is, she said, “I love how committed we are from start to finish to providing our customers with the best experience. From beautiful showrooms to qualified installers and follow-through service, PIRCH isn’t about just getting the job done, we are about delivering a completed home to a client that they will enjoy forever.”

Gabi Thompson

Project Coordinator Manager

Gabi plays an important role in supporting our Customer Care/ Operations team by helping our clients manage their home projects from product deliveries to installations. She is also a liaison between clients and PIRCH teams, as well as their point of contact for any questions they may have related to product logistics. She also creates memorable experiences, and nurtures enduring relationships with our clients.

Her favorite part about working for PIRCH is “our amazing and supportive team, contributing to the creation of beautiful and inspiring spaces as well as helping our clients to navigate through their re-modeling process with care and positivity!”

Celeste Bryant

Sales Consultant, San Diego

Celeste is an interior designer, formerly CID (Certified Interior Designer), and an Interior Designers Institute graduate.

According to Celeste, she “enjoys and appreciates working in our gorgeous showrooms, which display such a variety of amazing products to specify and order for our clientele – designers, architects, contractors and homeowners.”

Kym McGuire

Sales Consultant, Solana Beach

An industry veteran, Kym assists our clients with selecting their appliances and fixtures according to their needs, budget, and dreams. Her clients put their trust in her.

According to Kym, “I love being able to help my clients from the very beginning stages of planning and putting all their visions to a reality, seeing the end product and hearing just how happy they are with their new kitchen and or bathroom.” “It’s extremely rewarding when you know that you’ve helped your client reach their goal,” says Kym.

“We at PIRCH Cedros are a family, and we work together as a family. Having that support system is a vital part of our industry…I enjoy being part of the family” says Kym.

Mike Flournoy

Sales Consultant, Glendale

Mike helps clients create the kitchens and baths of their dreams. According to Mike, “It doesn’t matter if I’m working with a designer, contractor, builder, or homeowner, everyone has expectations and it’s my pleasure to exceed those expectations.”

When we asked Mike what his favorite part about working for PIRCH is, he said, “PIRCH provides a great work environment that allows me the ability to provide for my family. Most clients end up being life-long friends. What I do isn’t brain surgery, but it sure is fun!”

Jason Vaughn

Logistics Manager, Los Angeles Distribution Center

Jason manages delivery and installation teams for the greater Los Angeles area and oversees calendar activity. He also handles installation issues, and anything pertaining to delivery or install.

His favorite part about working for PIRCH is the people. According to Jason, “I have worked with many great minds at PIRCH, and the atmosphere is unlike any other company I have worked for. I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and hope to contribute much more in the future.”

Kerri Skinkle

Sales Consultant, Solana Beach

Kerri has extensive product knowledge and helps clients select appliances and fixtures for various projects. Kerri’s favorite thing about working for PIRCH is, “helping clients create their dream homes based off of their wants and needs.”

Gordon Aldaco

Sales Consultant, Solana Beach

Gordon has a great deal of product knowledge, and he works with builders to select appliances for various projects.

Gordon’s favorite thing about working for PIRCH is that “our entire team feels like family, and we take care of one another to ultimately serve our clients.”

Ann Segarini


Ann plays an important role in supporting our purchasing department by assisting with procurement, product coordination, PC communication, vendor communication, quick-ship inventory analysis, and reallocations of inventory.

Ann’s favorite part about working for PIRCH are the people, the culture, the vision and direction of the company, the customer-centric atmosphere, and of course the beautiful products we sell.

Manny Correa

Inventory Control Coordinator

Manny plays an important role in supporting our warehouse department by doing research, processing returns, disposition, and assisting with inbound/outbound logistics.

His favorite part about working for PIRCH is the teamwork, the structure, and the purpose.

Bruce Murray

Full Stack Software Developer

Bruce works as a member of the IT department, adding enhancements to systems the company uses to support business processes. He also writes and maintains database reports to assist management in making business decisions and provides day-to-day support for users when issues arise in our systems.

His favorite part about working for PIRCH is the friendly work environment and getting to know people from different departments.

Tapti Saha

Full Stack Software Developer

Tapti plays an important role in supporting our IT department by working on the company website, commissions, CRM, and internal systems.

Her favorite part about working for PIRCH is the team, the work-life balance, and making the website look pretty!

Isaac Diaz

Director of Software Development

As Director of PIRCH’s Software Development team, Isaac works to maintain and improve our internal web applications. He also works with all PIRCH’s functional areas to identify business needs and enhancements to our applications and processes.

Isaac’s favorite part about working for PIRCH is “working with a very talented team across the company with the common goal of providing a better service for our customers. Seeing firsthand how PIRCH is able to handle our industry challenges and be a leader in our Industry.”