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For more than three decades, Watermark Designs has been a leading manufacturer of decorative plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, lighting and elegant hardware for the luxury commercial and residential markets. Based in the independent design hub of Brooklyn and made in the USA, Watermark’s designs are a reflection of the creative melting-pot from which we are all a part of.

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Watermark Spotlight


Bringing together the skills of their engineers, Watermark hand-created 24 metal finishes in their Elements line, offering the ability to play with color, form and texture, creating your very own design statement.

Virtual Faucet Designer

With Watermark’s online design configurator, you can create your own faucet just how you would like it. First select the spout and handles you would like to customize, then choose between a variety of finishes for them.  Given the number of design possibilities, you should feel confident that each one is an original!

Watermark Collection

The Watermark Collection offers styles for all urban loyalists, created by world-renowned designers


An elegant line available with two handle types, Blue tweaks at classical elements whilst incorporating clean lines that make it ideal for modern interiors looking to add a hint of heritage.


Inspired by gate valves found in the mid-century apartment blocks of Brooklyn, this range presents a style for all urban loyalists combined with the functionality of modern manufacturing.


The Brut, designed by O&G Studio, is a bold new line, resulting from experimenting with textures. The creation involves two completely different polishing processes to create unique finish combinations.


Presenting a unique handle cut out detail and form, Edge is a tight lined range that makes use of rare earth magnets to present an imposing geometric line. Edge is an eye-catching statement piece that is sure to impress.

Elan Vital

This award winning range presents the ultimate in stripped down aesthetic. Using parts reminiscent of commercial ball valves and plumbing unions, this range offers a unique visual combined with the advantages of modern valves and aeration.


Bringing together the skills of their engineers, Watermark hand-created 24 metal finishes in their Elements line, offering the ability to play with color, form and texture, creating your very own design statement.


Designed in collaboration with renowned architect Barry Goralnick, James translates classical, faceted shapes in a modern, industrial context.


Opulence in its purest form, Jem is the culmination of sparkle and shine. This ornate line will add a little glamour to your space, making each experience a brighter than the last.


Loft provides an optimized range with unique elements and a universal form that still maintains a quality of construction and finish that is the hallmark of all Watermark’s ranges.


Taking inspiration from the neo-Georgian facades of some of Manhattan’s famous buildings, Sense’s hammered handles provide an elegant and functional form that is truly unique.


Inspired by a 1930’s steam valve lever spotted in a salvage yard, Sutton has more of what Watermark is known for: detailing unlike any other faucet in the form of linear knurling and hex nut-styled handles.


Titanium lives up to its bold name with a line of streamlined single-lever monoblock units that make a striking statement for a classic industrial feel.


TOD is an innovative and ergonomic kitchen faucet line utilizing linear valve technology and diamond knurl design to provide what is really the perfect solution for those home chefs and cooks working in kitchens.


Employing knurling details within two spout and handle options, Urbane offers a distinctly unique industrial visual for the discerning eye.


Featuring magnetic handles, Zen offers a uniquely pure form free of the traditional fixings and escutcheons. Handles are available in four stones, four rocks, or a metal option.

Heritage Collections

The Heritage Collection consists of classic and timeless ranges, designed for contemporary living with the functionality of modern manufacturing.


The Anika faucet, with its dramatically curved spout, invokes a timeless and elegant design. All metal dual-levers or dual cross-handles provide elegant choices for aesthetic flexibility.


Make a sophisticated impression with a faucet that exudes Old Hollywood glamour. The Beverly faucet calls forth the allure of tinsel town long ago. It is indicative that everything old is new.


The Chelsea faucet features an industry-defying tall, slender and curvaceous design. The clean, sharp contours help define this faucet as quintessential transitional styling.


Making the most of a bath environment, Gramercy offers inspiration right from the pages of the leading design magazines – style and finishes to complement decors from modern to traditional and everything in between.


Designed in collaboration with renowned interior designer Mark Zeff for a project on the historic High-Line in New York City, this line combines the best of custom capabilities infused with Zeff’s global aesthetic.


The Haley faucet boldly brings confident masculinity to the contemporary bath environment. All metal dual-levers with sleek inserts provide the fixture with a stark, clean appearance.

La Fleur

Destined to be the pièce de résistance of any luxury bath environment, La Fleur takes cues from classic French design. Light and color radiate with every turn of the ornate handle, delivering the perfect touch of drama and romance.


Lily has three distinct designs; a dimple pattern, an ogee or mermaid scale pattern, and a more traditional diamond pattern. To achieve these finishes, Watermark double machine and double plate each faucet. Seen in contrasting finishes, the results speak for themselves.


With its 1920s vibe, the Paris faucet line is at home in any environment looking for an elegant touch of nostalgia.


Mark Zeff teamed up once again with Watermark Designs to create kitchen and bath fittings that embody the best of Austin’s eclectic sensibilities.


Evoking an old-world traditional look and feel reminiscent of fixtures found in a classic New York brownstone, Stratford creates a refreshingly timeless look.


The clean lines of geometric shapes fuse with the smooth contours of the Transitional line. Its low base is classic yet the design is modern and fresh, crafted with precision and subtle detailing.


Ornate lines and European flair are at the heart of this line reserved for those who celebrate true, timeless beauty. The Venetian line transforms the look of the bath from simple to stunning.


York embodies the casual Americana style. The faucets walk the fine line between historic and modern; the spout and lever handles seeming to have been plucked from another era.

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