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Viking Outdoor

Viking is a brand that’s become synonymous with indoor kitchen appliances and cabinetry. With their outdoor line, they take the same beauty and performance-driven design from their indoor line and take it…well…outdoors. Viking outdoor appliances bring professional cooking and cooling capacity into your backyard, offering a seamless food and beverage experience. All of the function, none of the walls.

Viking Outdoor Spotlight

Viking offers professional-grade appliances for residential indoor and outdoor use.

Viking offers a full range of appliances and accessories to create a seamless, complete outdoor kitchen.

With timeless designs and stainless steel exteriors, Viking outdoor appliances offers a carted grill on top of their built in options. 


Viking Outdoor grills feature an easy-to-read temperature gauge that helps prevent over or undercooking your food.

Dual-Position Rotisserie. Viking’s dual-position rotisserie features a three-speed motor and rear infrared burner with 14,000 BTUs of heat capacity.

Built Solid. Viking grills are welded to eliminate gaps where grease and moisture could collect and damage your unit or impact the taste of your food.

Even Heat Distribution. With stainless steel grilling grates and ceramic briquettes, Viking grills ensure even heat distribution that can cook your food perfectly every time.


Innovative Cooling Technology. Viking’s Dynamic Cooling Technology™ cools down your food quickly and offers the industry’s leading temperature stability, leaving you with a solid, even cool.

Integrated Controls. With integrated temperature controls, you are given the option to set a precise refrigeration temperature that ranges from 34° F to 42° F.

Thermal-Efficient Cabinet: Thermal-efficient cabinets provide the highest levels of food preservation and energy efficiency while significantly enhancing the capacity of your outdoor refrigeration system.

Specialty Appliances

Viking Ice Machines feature Sparkling Clean “Wet” Ice technology that delivers crystal clear ice every time. As ice warms in the storage bin, it slowly drains away to make room for fresh cubes, preventing distortion and clumping.

Viking’s ice machines can produce up to 65 pounds of ice a day and can store up to 26 pounds of it at any given time. An illuminated control panel includes a “time to clean” alert informing you when your machine needs maintenance and helps you ensure consistent, optimal operation.

Viking’s outdoor hoods feature halogen lights. Easy to clean, the hood contains heat sensors that automatically increase ventialation power if temperatures reach uncomfortable levels.

Featuring stainless steel finishes, Viking outdoor cabinets are versatile and allow you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

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