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SieMatic has been creating kitchen designs that transcend time and trends for over 90 years. The brand’s longevity can be attributed to their relentless pursuit of perfection, reliance on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Their unique kitchen designs are refreshingly modern and delightfully minimalist, offering clean designs that enhance the energy, flow, and functionality of the most important room in your house.

SieMatic Spotlight

Good design should never come at the cost of quality and workmanship. SeiMatic’s kitchens feature high-quality materials and are crafted with innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in mind. 

When you purchase a SieMatic kitchen, you are central to your kitchen’s development and design. Everything from color to shape is dictated by your space, needs, and style. SieMatic kitchen designs are clean, minimal, and space-enhancing.


SieMatic PURE style collection combines design and function, capturing the elegance and beauty of the minimalist movement. 

Hidden beauty is the focus for design and inspiration behind SieMatic’s PURE style collection. PURE units feature clean contours and lack any visible buttons or handles, creating a continuous aesthetic that leaves no room for clutter or distraction. 


What do you get when you combine fine materials and unconventional design? SieMatic’s URBAN style collection offers engaging kitchen designs that create a needed anchor of stability amid the chaos of the busy city.

URBAN is all about contradictions. The collection’s units feature relaxed, lively, and unconventional designs that combine open and closed storage space with modern, versatile furniture to create a unique and inspiring aesthetic and flow.

SieMatic Classic

Traditional designs meet modern innovation in SieMatic’s CLASSIC style collection. With units that feature strong, symmetrical designs that are contrasted by traditional materials and colors, CLASSIC redefines the kitchen, honoring the value of the past while bringing your space into the 21st century. 

CLASSIC features hidden functions that allow you to get the most out of your kitchen while maintaining the clean lines and sleek aesthetic that the brand is aiming for. All of the function, none of the distraction.

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