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Ciao, America. Radical Italian design, plus a rebellious spirit and a distinct feeling of originality. This is Forza. An exceptional new suite of high-performance cooking appliances that give cooks not only confidence, but equal parts pride and excitement to stretch their culinary boundaries. Cooks who appreciate a true Italian cooking experience with style and flair will be prepared to make culinary magic morning, noon and night. Take a minute to explore these remarkably designed products, their oh-so-Italian lines and unexpected colors. This is a brave new world of kitchenalia, born and bred with a decidedly Italian accent. Powered by Glem Gas with 60 years of experience, Forza embodies the spirit of Italian craftsmanship, embracing performance and elegance to enhance every culinary experience. With an exceptional new suite of high performance cooking appliances, Forza combines the best of design, aesthetics and functionality. Buon appetito.

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Forza Spotlight

Product Design

Forza products are radically designed with profound tradition and modern sophistication. We’re committed to combining the best of design, aesthetics and styling to bring exquisitely manufactured cooking appliances to America’s kitchens. Dedicated to the proposition that dramatically sculpted lines, inspired colors, superb technology and engineering will enhance every culinary experience, Forza is Different. By Design.™

Design Inspiration

Influenced by rich Italian culture and the muscular history of Ferrari and Maserati, Forza’s designs are unique to the industry. In traditional Modena style, we bring exceptional design and authenticity from our region and share it with the world. 


The Dual-Fuel Range comes fully loaded featuring the world’s first 48-inch single cavity oven and 8 high-powered burners including 4 dual-flame burners that range from 685 Btu to 20,000 Btu and four from 2,200 to 12,000 Btu burners.

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The pro-style gas ranges, with a radical Italian design, feature the industry’s first double broiler, MassimoBlu™, and the widest oven cavity on the market.

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The Professional Range Top is radically designed with six high-powered burners and equipped with Forza’s Infinito™ Grate System, fastback porcelain trim and stainless-steel knobs.

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For the first time, Forza brings its uniquely shaped window with dramatically sculpted lines and edgy aesthetic to the wall oven, with pyrolytic self-cleaning abilities and 16 cooking functions. 


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Forza’s ventilation hoods are radically designed with dynamic lines and a contemporary aesthetic that dispose of heat and odors found in any busy kitchen. 


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The 24” Stainless Steel Dishwasher offers six unique washing programs, a self-cleaning microfilter, a three-rack system with collapsible plate racks and a touch control LED display.  

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