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For over 50 years, Emser has offered some of the best porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and decorative glass and mosaic tiles on the market. Innovation and diversity are at the core of Emser’s design and operation, resulting in materials that endure all aesthetics and budgets. No matter the look of your space, Emser will find a way to bring texture, color, and life to your home.

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Emser Tile Spotlight

Emser’s vast international production network allows the company to bring the latest global trends, technology, and innovation into your home, inside and out. With unrivaled distribution times and access to first-to-market products, Emser offers industry-leading exclusivity and convenience.

The Mythos™ line by Emser adapts Greek mythology into your home. Through Arabesque, petal, and wave motifs, the collection is a great way to bring texture and diversity into a space utilizing black, gray, and white color palettes. The variety of The Mythos™ tile options work well in both new and pre-existing designs. 

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Watch Erika and Liz showcase our new Solana Beach kitchen display featuring Passion™, a beautiful glazed porcelain that transcends traditional subway tiles into something ethereal.

Residential Tiles

Emser’s carpenter inspired residential plank collections offer the elegance and power of wood floors in a durable, easy-to-clean tile. Available in ceramic and porcelain, styles range from classic to distressed, giving you a unique way to add texture and style to your home. 

The Venetian Pebbles™ collection from Emser transports you straight to the canals of Venice, offering a historic and traditional element to incorporate into your home. Each stone in this unique tile series is strategically placed to enhance the beauty and vitality of this series.

Part of the beauty and magic of tiles can be found in their roots. Artists who hand-paint and hand-fire tiles create distinct pieces, each similar to the others in the set, but each with a charm all their own. Emser’s Nostalgia™ collection is an ode to this era, offering 18”x18” tiles that feature impeccable craftsmanship in an easy-to-install, durable package. 

Bath Tiles

The Blue Emotion™ line brings the darkness and mystery of Belgian limestone to your shower floor. Offering a cooling visual along with a physical touchpoint, these tiles are durable and available in two sizes to fit all shower and bathroom spaces.

Emser’s Catalyst™ collection offers a unique aesthetic that will enhance your experience throughout your space by leveraging a mixture of textures and materials. Using hexagon-shaped mosaics and combining glass, cast, and natural stone, this collection creates a dynamic surface that will elevate the look and feel of any wall, floor, or fireplace.

Artwork™ by Emser is an eye-catching large format glazed tile, featuring a stunning pattern mimicking a waved surface. A contemporary color palette gives this collection a lustrous breadth of finish, incorporating the discerning movement of water from all angles.

Outdoor Tiles

Emser’s Alpine™ outdoor collection brings the beauty and elegance of classic wood finishes into your exterior blueprint. The glazed porcelain tiles are durable, easy-to-maintain, and stand up to weather and wear better than the natural source of their inspiration.

The many benefits of tile extend to the outdoors with Immerse™ porcelain tile as a prime example. Designed for walls, in addition to being pool-rated, let your imagination take over with a one-of-a-kind design featuring three splashy colors: Cobalt, Aqua and Teal.

The Border Trail by Emser pays homage to the role natural stone has played in the creation of civilizations, infrastructure, and industry. It offers magnificent outdoor wall tiles that mirror the look of timeless stacked stone, the epidemy of a strong, durable, and hard to take your eyes off design.

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