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Your home should be a living testament to your style, your taste, and your value. At Brizo, they create living art, using unparalleled craftsmanship and meticulous design to create kitchen and bath designs that go far beyond home decor. Brizo exists to push boundaries. Everything from the way they curate and source their materials to the blend of modern elegance and traditional brilliance engrained in each Brizo design demands to be noticed and begs to be touched and experienced. At PIRCH, we have always been fans of designs that invite people to feel and experience them, and Brizo achieves this in a unique and extraordinary way. With styles and configurations to match all personalities, aesthetics, and spaces. Brizo is a great choice for those who believe that conventions were made to be broken. Brizo designs take ordinary kitchen and bath spaces and turn them into dynamic displays with their own energy and life. Brizo, for those without limits.

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Introducing the Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection

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We’re excited to introduce the new Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection by Brizo. This collection honors the design and architecture visionary who created a tradition of breaking with tradition.

Take a look at some of the pieces of Brizo’s Frank Lloyd Wright collection in an interactive tour through their virtual showroom.

The collection draws its palette and materials from the natural world, as evidenced by the distinctive texture and color of each individual piece of the wood. Choose from 6 finish options, with matching accessories to complete the perfect space.

The raincan showerhead showcases the distinctive rush of the Canopy Spray, which activates a built-in light by hydrogenerator for a dramatic effect.

Brizo Spotlight

Jason Wu for Brizo is a striking collaboration that brings together the pioneering sense of style of acclaimed fashion designer Jason Wu with Brizo’s distinctive design and craftsmanship for a fresh, streamlined aesthetic in the kitchen or bath.

Experience innovation hands free. Brizo’s VoiceIQ technology allows everything from how much water is dispensed to the duration of each spray to be controlled by the sound of your voice.

Whether you’re creating an aromatherapy escape or attempting to brew the perfect blend, Brizo’s new instant hot beverage faucets give you hot, purified drinking water when and how you want it, every time.

Kintsu Collection

Kintsu™ marries the tranquil contours of Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese wabi-sabi’s meditations on the beauty of imperfection and broken geometry to create a stunning harmony.

Kintsu™ demonstrates a reverence for natural materials and embraces the importance of individual expression with five Knob Handle options, including Mother of Pearl, Concrete, Teak, All-Metal with a void design, and a custom option that allows unique inlays.

Invari Collection

Brizo’s Invari™ bath collection serves you opulence in an elegant and refined package.

Harking back to the beauty and sophistication of the Edwardian elegance, the Invari™ collection inspires a beauty that honors the past while forging a bright and limitless future.

In the early 1900s, baths were revered, respected, and viewed as a momentary escape from reality. Brizo’s Invari™ collection draws inspiration from this period, combining golden fixtures with modern design.

Rook Collection

Brizo’s Rook® collection takes the sophistication and utility of early 1900s design and elevates it.

Combining a contemporary ethos with masculine edges and traditional designs, the Rook® collection makes a statement without overpowering or dominating your space.

Litze Collection

Brizo’s Litze™ kitchen and bath collections bring contemporary designs and meticulous craftsmanship into your home and living space.

The secret to the understated brilliance of this collection is an attention to detail that borders on obsession.

Split finishes like Matte Black / Brilliance® Luxe Gold let you pair sleek and subtle with bold popping colors to create a stylish look highlighting the beauty of Brizo’s Litze™ faucets.

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