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Tradition, pride, and great food are central to everything that Bertazzoni produces. Steeped in Italy, where performance, style, and great food are held above all else, Bertazzoni has been creating beautifully engineered cooking appliances for over 135 years. Bertazzoni’s kitchen line embodies these values, providing some of the best made, best designed appliances out there.

Bertazzoni Spotlight

Color and vibrancy are the hallmarks of the Bertazzoni brand. With appliances available in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows, Bertazzoni doesn’t just enhance your cooking; they infuse your kitchen with life, energy, and inspiration.

Bertazzoni takes the Italian tradition of craftsmanship and engineering and turns things up a notch. The brand’s kitchen appliances are engineered to offer the highest levels of performance and precision, giving you the ultimate control over your food and dining experience.

Bertazzoni coordinates their appliances to create compelling looks through their Professional, Master, and Heritage Series.

Bertazzoni’s Collezione Metalli collection offers a decorative range of finishes that enhance the look and feel of their Heritage Series ranges, hoods, dishwasher, and refrigerators. Using real metal, these finishes bring a touch of refinement and elegance to the small details that make your appliances shine, from control knobs to the door handles.

Sustainability is woven into every aspect of Bertazzoni’s operations and appliances. The brand’s ranges, cooktops, ventilation hoods, and accessories are made from stainless steel and other metals, avoiding the use of toxic plastics. Overall, 99% of the materials used in Bertazzoni appliances are recyclable, and all units feature energy-saving technology to reduce consumption.


Bertazzoni ranges are designed to excel. Featuring brass burners, multiple heating zones, edge-to-edge interior glass for easy maintenance, easy-to-read temperature and time displays, and functions that allow for easier grilling and searing, these ranges have everything you could want!

All of Bertazonni’s convection ovens are designed with technology that enhances your ability to cook perfect food, every time. The brand’s dual diagonal convection fans offer the industry’s best and most even heat distribution, and their 6-8-pass broiler offers sears that crisp but never dry. Perfection has never looked so good.

Bertazzoni’s touch-control, glass induction cooktops are the fastest and most energy-efficient way to cook. These cooktops are easy to clean, heat up quickly, and deliver heat directly to your food, eliminating waiting time and energy loss. With 4-5 individually controlled heating zones, you can easily bridge burners to create larger heating areas.


Bertazzoni’s refrigeration systems feature intuitive touch controls that allow you to set your fridge to the exact temperature you want, extending the freshness and quality of your food.

Lateral airflow allows Bertazzoni’s refrigerators to maintain a constant temperature, even at times when the door is open. Cold air stays in. Moisture and heat stay out. It’s that simple.

The 24-inch built-in wine cellar fridge is designed to keep your wine at the optimal temperature. With side-to-side airflow and two temperature zones for red and white wine, you control the temperature and humidity of your Bertazzoni fridge, allowing for your wine to taste better and last longer.


When it comes to kitchen ventilation, Bertazzoni is hard to beat. The brand’s hoods are all crafted and engineered in Italy using only the highest grade materials and components and are made to integrate perfectly with all Bertazzoni products and appliances. 


With stainless steel construction, Bertazzoni’s dishwashers seamlessly integrate with the brand’s other appliances and within pre-existing kitchen designs, offering a versatile option that enhances the style and functionality of your space. Advanced stain removal and energy-saving technology means that Bertazzoni dishwashers get your dishes cleaner, faster, and with less energy.

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