Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen


In Southern California, it’s grilling season all year long, and there’s nothing quite like cooking dinner and eating outdoors in your own backyard with friends and family.

Nowadays, there are so many ways you can go beyond the grill and elevate your outdoor kitchen aside from a basic barbecue set-up. With so many options for additions and upgrades to your grill, you can bring all the comforts of your indoor kitchen to the great outdoors to create a complete entertainment center. From stainless steel cabinetry to side burners, to under-counter refrigeration, to beer taps, and pizza ovens — PIRCH has everything you need to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level.

Take a look at some of our favorite brands and products that can help make your outdoor kitchen complete.

True Outdoor

True refrigeration’s outdoor refrigeration line is UL-rated for outdoor and designed to withstand the elements and perform flawlessly for years.

All True outdoor-rated undercounter and full-size appliances are stainless-steel inside and out and won’t corrode. The same forced-air refrigeration that makes their indoor kitchen appliances so famous is in their outdoor units and cools items faster and keeps them cool in all kinds of weather.

Their outdoor products come in solid or glass doors, in stainless-steel or custom finishes – including overlay panels to match your outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

True Refrigerated Drawers

Refrigerated drawers come in solid or panel-ready, and include the same features as their cabinets, plus soft-close drawers and adjustable dividers. These drawers are rated for beverage or open food storage.

Freezer drawers also come in solid or panel-ready fronts and all the features of refrigerated drawers plus automatic defrost.

Lynx – Outdoor Cocktail Station

Your outdoor kitchen can be a complete entertainment center with the Lynx bar sink and cocktail station. The Lynx built-in cocktail station includes a built-in bottle opener with cap catcher, a pull-down faucet and an integrated towel holder. Ready to chill, the insulated ice bin with sliding stainless steel cover keeps ice at the ready all day.

Viking Ice Machines

Viking Ice Machines feature Sparkling Clean “Wet” Ice technology that delivers crystal clear ice every time. As ice warms in the storage bin, it slowly drains away to make room for fresh cubes, preventing distortion and clumping.

Viking’s ice machines can produce up to 65 pounds of ice a day and can store up to 26 pounds of it at any given time. An illuminated control panel includes a “time to clean” alert informing you when your machine needs maintenance and helps you ensure consistent, optimal operation.

Moya Living

Moya Living makes powder-coated steel cabinetry for your outdoor kitchen that can be designed around all the best grill manufacturer’s products.

Just like their indoor cabinetry, the Moya outdoor kitchens are designed to seamlessly integrate with all the best grill brands. Choose from various colors that compliment your outdoors, and they can accommodate every other outdoor kitchen appliance you want, like side burners, refrigeration, ice machines, beverage dispensers, etc. Moya can even make cabinets for specialty outdoor cooking equipment like pizza ovens.

Artisan by Alfresco Pizza Ovens

Alfresco is based in Southern California and makes arguably the best outdoor cooking systems available anywhere. Their robust grills can be matched with several specialty units like a Versa Power burner – or their Artisan pizza oven, which preheats in 15 minutes and can reach 900°F allowing you to bake, roast, iron-skillet, sear, and of course cook perfect three-minute Neapolitan pizza.

And a pizza oven isn’t just for pizza! You can cook anything in a pizza oven that you can in your indoor oven – bread, pies, even roast a turkey, but it’s more fun!

Bromic Heating

Bromic Heating is recognized around the world as having revolutionized infrared radiant heating for outdoors. With on-going investment in patented Smart-Heat technology, Bromic Heating engineers have successfully developed effective radiant heating systems and solutions that have applications for both commercial and residential markets.

The Smart-Heat range has been designed to overcome a wide spectrum of real-world challenges including weather, space, and efficiency. Divided into our distinct Platinum and Tungsten ranges, all Bromic outdoor heaters are designed and engineered in-house and are constructed from premium materials to create products that strike the perfect balance between performance, reliability and beauty.

Urban Bonfire

Urban Bonfire is dedicated to designing and manufacturing timeless quality products for outdoor space activation. 

Urban Bonfire cabinetry can be custom designed into any outdoor kitchen environment. It is constructed of marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum that boasts a 10-year warranty. Its versatility and durability make it a perfect foundation for our grills and other kitchen components to make your outdoor kitchen as beautiful and functional as your indoor kitchen.


EVO Grills

The unique and versatile EVO grill is known as the “Swiss army knife” of grills. Its flat cooking surface is fashioned from a single piece of seasoned cold-rolled steel to provide a cooking surface much like a cast iron pan. 

You can grill burgers, hot dogs, fish, steaks, and anything else you’d cook on your conventional grill. And you can place pots and pans on the surface just like your indoor kitchen cooktop.  You can even bake on this grill just like you would in your oven.

The grills come on a 304 stainless-steel cart or can be built into an outdoor kitchen island. This grill is so much fun when you entertain! People love to gather round and watch the chef do their magic. Even if you have a grill you love already, adding an EVO into your outdoor kitchen allows you to greatly expand the menus you can serve outdoors.


Dekton by Cosentino Countertops

Dekton’s striking, ultra-compact countertop surfaces are the perfect surfaces for outdoor kitchens given its properties. Dekton is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are also the most scratch resistant surface on the market. While other surfaces are stain resistant, Dekton is completely Stain Proof. Even the most stubborn stains can easily be removed from the surface. Dekton can also withstand high temperatures without burning, scorching, or cracking.

Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill

The Gaucho Grill, inspired by Argentinian barbecue, features an open wood fire and whole-animal motorized rotisserie that offers a multi-sensory cooking experience. With a gas-fired starter that effortlessly ignites the grill’s wood fuel, the Gaucho allows you to see, smell, and taste your food as you make it, offering a unique level of control over your final product.

DCS – Beverage Chillers

An ultimate entertainer`s feature, the 25″ DCS Beverage Chiller is a deep, fully insulated compartment that can hold up to 17 gallons of ice to chill your refreshments. The Accessory, designed to house 1-liter bottles, can be installed at the front of your Beverage Chiller, freeing it up to be used as an outdoor sink.

Hestan Power Burner

The Hestan power burner combines high-performance outdoor cooking power with stunning design. Perfect for crab boils, it accommodates extra-large pots and delivers an extra-powerful flame with dual burners and a combined 70,000 BTUs.  The sealed burner bowl with drain protects from boil overs and spills, while the stainless-steel top cover provides protection from the elements.

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