The World of Specialty Grilling


Did you know that an entire world of specialty grilling exists beyond a traditional grill? When building an outdoor kitchen, most people only consider a standard grill, but at PIRCH, there are numerous options for specialty grilling appliances that can enhance your outdoor cooking experience, expand your recipe collection, and broaden the ways you can cook outside. From flat top grills to pizza ovens, to asado cookers, there are so many ways you can go beyond the grill and elevate your outdoor kitchen.

For backyard cooks looking to take their equipment game to the next level, here is a list of some of our favorite specialty grilling appliances that you may not have known existed. Consider adding one of these specialty appliances in your next outdoor kitchen or upgrade.

The EVO Grill

The unique and versatile EVO grill is known as the “Swiss army knife” of grills. Its flat cooking surface is fashioned from a single piece of seasoned cold-rolled steel to provide a cooking surface much like a cast iron pan. 

You can grill burgers, hot dogs, fish, steaks, and anything else you’d cook on your conventional grill. And you can place pots and pans on the surface just like your indoor kitchen cooktop.  You can even bake on this grill just like you would in your oven.

The grills come on a 304 stainless-steel cart or can be built into an outdoor kitchen island. This grill is so much fun when you entertain! People love to gather round and watch the chef do their magic. Even if you have a grill you love already, adding an EVO into your outdoor kitchen allows you to greatly expand the menus you can serve outdoors.

The Alfa Brio Pizza Oven

The incredible Alfa Brio pizza oven heats up so quickly that you can eat your first pizza in just 30 minutes.

Alfa’s R&D team has succeeded in producing an oven capable of retaining as much heat as possible with the Alfa Brio. By limiting heat loss inside through a meticulously engineered cooking chamber, the efficient Alfa Flue System™, and high-density fire bricks; the Alfa Brio reaches the perfect temperature fast and cooks evenly every time.

Choose from wood fired, gas, or hybrid. Alfa ovens are ready for use after unpacking; you don’t have to do hard building work. Each Alfa oven is the result of 100% Italian craftsmanship with an international twist.

The Alfa multi-functional base is a table that makes for maximum versatility for setting up an outdoor kitchen on wheels and to get the best out of your garden oven. It can be used as a supporting surface for a free-standing wood or gas-fired oven. The spacious compartment below allows you to stack firewood or arrange gas cylinders with the option of fixing a door to hide them from view.

Coyote Pellet Grills

Pellet grills use ignited wood pellets and a system of fans to cook food, much like an outdoor convection oven. Pellet grills can be used to smoke, grill, bake and even braise food. Nearly anything you make in a standard oven can be made on a pellet grill.

The Coyote Pellet Grill heralds the next generation of outdoor cooking with the look, versatility and superior functionality of a luxury indoor appliance. The state-of-the art digital touch screen, three food temperature probes as well as a range of even heat settings, allows you to utilize this high-end outdoor grill in a similar fashion to an indoor oven.

Coyote’s green, Smart Drop™ pellet system can be used with any flavored wood pellet to further enhance the outdoor entertaining experience. Design is in the details and this robust grill includes a spring assisted hood that can be lifted with a touch of a finger.

With a 15-pound pellet hopper and both Sear and Smoke grates, you can experience a wide range of cooking with the Coyote Pellet Grill. Get a delicious and even cooking experience every time with options in 28″ and 36″ in both Built-In and carted models.

Coyote Asado Cooker

Coyote Outdoor’s Asado Cooker is an extremely versatile outdoor appliance that will add value and enjoyment to every outdoor living experience. Not only can it be used for grilling, but also in baking pizzas and breads; smoking large cuts of meat at slow temperatures, as well as searing vegetables and fish with temperature-controlled perfection.

The Asado cooker features Coyote’s Signature Smoking Grate™ for perfect heat diffusion, as well as adjustable venting for precision temperature management.

DCS Rotisserie

Many DCS models come with a built-in rotisserie. DCS’s heavy duty infrared rotisserie burner provides controlled searing heat up to 18,000 BTUs. The heavy-duty motor easily turns a 50lb load, ideal when cooking for a big crowd. The rotisserie rod is conveniently stored under the drip pan handle. With DCS, you’re able to time rotisserie roasts to coincide with side dishes prepared to perfection in your indoor kitchen.

DCS Side Burner/Griddle Combo

With a side burner and griddle combo from DCS, you can get the best of both worlds. Combining the quick cooking griddle with a side burner for sautéing and simmering, this is a hard-working product for the outdoor kitchen where space is limited. The DCS side burner and griddle combination helps create an all-in-one outdoor kitchen that is just as functional as your indoor kitchen. You can grill steak on the griddle while making mashed potatoes on the side burner.

The Hestan Campania Pizza Oven™

The Campania Pizza Oven™ doesn’t just bake the pizza — its heavy-duty ceramic hearth stone creates a charred artisan crust, while the unique dome shape traps and recirculates heat for an efficient, even cook, whether it’s the perfect char on a steak or roasting vegetables to perfection. Its stainless-steel exterior is built to withstand the outdoor elements, while the greaseless interior is easy to clean. The Campania is available in the same 12 vibrant finish options that define Hestan’s bold appliances.

Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill

The Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill, inspired by Argentinian barbecue, features an open wood fire and whole-animal motorized rotisserie that offers a multi-sensory cooking experience.

The 30-inch wheel turns smoothly and gives you one-handed, precision control over the grilling rack position due to its ratchetless design.

With a gas-fired starter that effortlessly ignites the grill’s wood fuel, the Gaucho allows you to see, smell, and taste your food as you make it, offering a unique level of control over your final product.

Kalamazoo Smoker Cabinet

Kalamazoo has reinvented the traditional gravity-fed smoker by designing it as a sleek and elegant undercounter cabinet. With it, they’ve brought competition-quality BBQ into the visually refined, stylish outdoor kitchen space.

Built-in or freestanding, Kalamazoo’s gravity-fed charcoal smoker lets you make traditional American barbecue at home, even as it remains a seamless addition to your outdoor kitchen.

With a single seven-pound load of charcoal, you can maintain an ideal smoking temperature for up to 24 hours, and easily add charcoal mid-cook to keep the fire going for as long as you want.

With adjustable shelves and 3.86 cubic feet for food inside the pit, there’s room for three whole packer briskets, nine whole rib racks or two large turkeys.

Kalamazoo Shokunin Kamado

In Japan, grilling meat is something that evokes passion and is very much steeped in duality. Traditional Japanese grilling uses gentle heat to develop bold, robust flavors and tastes.

The Kalamazoo Shokunin is taller and more versatile than other models, giving you three levels of fire and allowing you to place your heat further away from your food which provides more control over searing, texture, and overall taste.

With precise internal mechanisms and a stainless steel exterior, this grill is unrivaled in aesthetics and overall functionality.

Lynx Asado Built-In Natural Gas Flat Top Grill

The 30” Asado flat top grill offers a versatile cooking experience with two 23,000 BTU Lynx Trident adjustable infrared burners, allowing you to cook multiple items at once. It features a gleaming, multi-layer grilling surface of aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless-steel for even heat distribution.

This built-in, flat top grill is so versatile that it will have you grilling stacks of pancakes alongside fried eggs, and sizzling sausages all over the 495 square inch cooking area. If you prefer to cook at nighttime, the adjustment knobs on the control panel feature blue LED accent lights for precise control. The grease trays and grilling surface are removable for easy cleaning, too.

Wood Stone Hearth Oven

Wood Stone ovens are built to perform and offer the power and precision you need to make the food you love. Wood Stone is often found in the world’s leading restaurants due to the quality and reliability of their products. With their residential line, they offer the same performance in a package that can easily be integrated into your home and backyard, elevating your cooking experience, and bringing a dynamic centerpiece to your cooking spaces.

Wood Stone ovens come in four sizes with cooking surfaces that range from 7 to 45 square feet, making them the perfect pizza oven for any size cooking space.

With fuel options that include wood-fired, wood- and gas-combination ovens, and gas-fired models, Wood Stone gives you the power to decide which fuel works best for your home and your taste.

The Alfresco Pizza Plus

The Alfresco Pizza Plus is built to be the most versatile and highest-performing gas-fired oven in the world. The material, design, and manufacturing process revolve around creating a uniquely high-performing oven that preheats in 15 minutes and can reach extremely high temperatures, allowing you to bake, roast, iron-skillet sear, and of course, cook perfect 3-minute Neapolitan pizzas.

Alfresco Side Burner

One component you may not have considered when building your outdoor kitchen is adding a side burner. An Alfresco side burner is the perfect complement sitting next to your grill for boiling, heating, and simmering anything you need to put into a pot. Built from all commercial stainless steel with heli-arc welded seams, the side burner features two high-performance burners with electronic ignition. The recessed top and stainless-steel cover offer protection from wind and elements. The Sear Zone™ side burner is a ceramic infrared searing system in a convenient, self-contained unit.

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