PIRCH Presents:
SieMatic Cabinetry

The gold standard for kitchen cabinetry design.

Our friends are outstanding.

SieMatic was founded in Germany in 1929 to design kitchens with timeless elegance. They have an international reputation for excellence in a variety of individual options, elegant design, precision workmanship, and high-quality materials. Their constantly evolving reinterpretation of the modern kitchen is exemplified by three style collections reflecting the unique tastes of their customers: pure, urban, and classic.

Not only are SieMatic kitchens top-of-the-line and award winning, but they're also manufactured in Germany under the highest environmentally responsible standards. SieMatic represents the gold standard in the kitchen interior design industry, and we are proud to offer SieMatic in partnership with PIRCH.

SieMatic Cabinetry is a national PIRCH showroom partner.

SieMatic Contacts

  • Richard Fakadej
  • PIRCH San Diego
  • 619.772.3442
  • Richard Fakadej
  • PIRCH Costa Mesa
  • 619.772.3442
  • Alfred Zuno
  • PIRCH Glendale
  • 415.583.4898
  • Richard Fakadej
  • PIRCH Palm Springs
  • 619.772.3442
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