PIRCH Presents:
Oceanside Glasstile

Bringing a beautiful and unique aesthetic to your home.

Our friends are outstanding.

Oceanside Glasstile is comprised of artisans whose profession is also a passion, lovingly expressed in the time-honored practice of glassmaking. They are artists consumed by the allure of timeless design, who are devoted to the creation of pieces that dazzle, charm, seduce, and inspire.

Guardians of this precious planet that serves as our home—they hand-craft their tiles from glass they reclaim and have done so for over 20 years. They are good neighbors, continually extending a hand to others that need it. They take pride in restoring orphanages, building schools, planting trees and supporting their local community.

Oceanside Glasstile is crazy about glass. They are crazy about tile. They are crazy about things made with purpose. And, needless to say, they love this gem-like substance that sparkles in sunlight, especially if it turns out to be—you guessed it—glass tile. They're crazy for surf days, beach nights, dog beaches, and wide-open beach hikes.

PIRCH and Oceanside Glasstile, both born and raised in San Diego, are pioneering companies with fun-loving edges. We are two companies with the same dream—creating a joyful shopping journey for the connoisseuring homeowner—who have come together to create a beautiful reality—a living showroom featuring a hands-on experience with beautiful kitchen and bath products. All for one love—to help you turn your home into a beautiful masterpiece.

Oceanside Glasstile is a national PIRCH showroom partner.

Oceanside Glasstile Contacts

  • Jennifer Stitz
  • PIRCH San Diego
  • 760.405.7041
  • Jaimee Hoff
  • PIRCH Rancho Mirage
  • 760.691.0276
  • Jaimee Hoff
  • PIRCH Costa Mesa
  • 760.691.0276
  • Tina Vercelote
  • PIRCH Atlanta
  • 404.775.3971
  • Ellen To
  • PIRCH Glendale
  • 760.529.3299
  • Aleksandra Wlodarczyk
  • PIRCH Oakbrook
  • 760.405.7650
  • John Tudisco
  • PIRCH Dallas
  • 760.846.9015
  • John Tudisco
  • PIRCH SoHo
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  • John Tudisco
  • PIRCH Paramus
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