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Wood Stone has been making exceptional stone hearth ovens for over three decades. The hallmarks of this brand have always been quality, engineering, and precise attention to detail. Wood Stone ovens are built to perform and offer the power and precision you need to make the food you love. Wood Stone is often found in the world’s leading restaurants due to the quality and reliability of their products. With their residential line, they offer the same performance in a package that can easily be integrated into your home and backyard, elevating your cooking experience and bringing a dynamic centerpiece to your cooking spaces.

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Wood Stone Spotlight

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Chef Kimberly creates a complete meal in the Wood Stone Hearth oven. She roasts a leg of lamb with orange glaze, Fondant potatoes, and butternut squash soup. We have working Wood Stone Hearth Ovens in most of our showrooms (sometimes two!) and our chefs love cooking in them year-round.

Stone Hearth Ovens

Wood Stone ovens come in four sizes with cooking surfaces that range from 7 to 45 square feet, making them the perfect pizza oven for any size cooking space.

With fuel options that include wood-fired, wood- and gas-combination ovens, and gas-fired models, Wood Stone gives you the power to decide which fuel works best for your home and your taste.

Wood Stone’s Bistro Line is the brand’s most compact hearth. These models offer a lot of power in a little body with sizes ranging from 30″ x 30″ to 43″ x 55″.

Power is at the heart of Wood Stone ovens. Each Wood Stone product is crafted to perform, giving you the ultimate control over the heat of your oven and the texture of the food you prepare.

Wood Stone became a household name in the restaurant industry thanks to the quality and precision of their products. The brand is now making residential ovens that offer the same performance as their commercial line, giving you the ability to cook like a professional at home.

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