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Wood Stone

The tradition of stone hearth cooking is one that dates back thousands of years and, although the types of fuels and foods cooked in them have changed throughout time, the design has pretty much remained the same. Starting in 1990, Wood Stone was born in response to the challenge of creating a wood fired stone oven that could withstand the intensity of commercial restaurant cooking. The versatility of their products is unquestionable, anything and everything from crispy beer battered onion rings, to juicy salmon, or even lemon berry cake can be prepared on Wood Stone’s stone hearth oven. The intricate detail that goes into the construction of every oven is absolutely astonishing and each line of stone hearth ovens is catered to meet any demand. The elegance, craftsmanship and versatility of Wood Stone is remarkable and they will only continue to be pioneers in the world of Hearth Cooking.

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