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Warmup is a British-based company focused on developing innovative heating solutions that bring energy-efficient warmth to people’s lives. They want to change the way people heat their homes by developing heating systems that are smarter and easier to use, whilst offering both lower energy consumption and luxurious comfort.

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Warmup Spotlight

Electric underfloor heating gives new meaning to comfort. Floor heating is the modern heating solution – creating the perfect temperature, making you feel warm and comfortable from the moment you enter the room.

Warmup floor heaters offer a low-carbon heating solution and utilize radiant heat technology to warm people in a space with infrared energy, rather than just warming the air. This means the same feeling of warmth can be achieved with lower temperatures, which reduces heat loss and improves energy-efficiency.

Heating Mats

Electric floor heating mats are designed for your convenience. They offer a quick and easy installation of a low-profile, energy-efficient heating solution.


The StickyMat heating mat is a super thin electric underfloor heating system that does not raise floor levels, taking the form of pre-spaced cables attached to a sticky mesh backing. 

Foil Heater

The Foil Heater is an electric underfloor heating mat that utilizes an aluminum foil matting to encompass the heating wires and gently diffuse the heat evenly into the room. It is most suitable for use with carpet heating, laminate, engineered wood and other floating floor finishes.

Heating Cables

Electric Underfloor Heating Cables offer an energy-efficient floor heating solution for new-build and renovation projects.


The DCM-PRO System combines the Heating Cable and the anti-fracture Membrane. It is the newest innovation from Warmup, in which the heating cable is inserted and can be placed amongst the castellations at various intervals of the mat; allowing for a more controlled heat output. The membrane acts as an uncoupling layer which can help prevent damage to the floor finish caused by subfloor movement.

In-Slab Cable

The In-Slab Cable is an electric underfloor heating cable that is ideal for installing within slabbed subfloors in new build projects. It is suitable for almost any flooring finish and in particular where the flooring (wood, carpet, vinyl) may be replaced from time to time.

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