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Aspiration. Innovation. Perfection. These are the hallmarks of the Vesta brand. Vesta brings European design, craftsmanship, and a belief in the value of personalization to door and cabinet hardware. This brand finds ordinary boring and refuses to settle for products that are simply functional. Vesta creates stunning hardware that elevates the look, feel, and energy of your doors and cabinets. From brass that is meticulously sourced to ensure quality and aesthetic brilliance to hand-picked stone and hand-polished finishes, Vesta hardware is in a league of its own. Vesta brings decades of artistry, precision, and uncompromising perfection into every piece they make.

Vesta Spotlight

Vesta painstakingly sources all of their hardware material to ensure excellence. Their hardware features only the finest brass, hand-picked stones, and hand-polished finishes, offering an intentional and stunning result that you can see and feel.

Steeped in decades of European design, craftsmanship, and the endless pursuit of perfection, Vesta is a brand that produces perfectly executed hardware. When you bring Vesta into your home, you’re allowing the company’s ethos into your space that elevates, engages, and inspires.

All Vesta hardware can be personalized to meet your unique style and preference. The brand prioritizes individuality in all pieces and can create hardware to compliment pre-existing designs or embolden new spaces.



Crafted from real natural stone, FireSky draws inspiration from the elements of the earth to create an expression of unique character and personality. From Mojave Lapis, Iron Tiger-eye, and Mojave Calcite, to Carrera and Calcutta Gold, every stone is carefully selected for its distinctive qualities, amplifying the collection’s already one-of-kind allure.


One part fashionista, one part effortless cool, every element of Vibe is carefully curated crafted and refined to create a raw beauty and inspired style that speaks volumes without saying a single word.


Built to perfection for perfectionists, Insignia is a distinguishing mark of magnificence. An extraordinary expression of design that surpasses the imagination and exceeds all expectations.


Distinctive. Delicate. And daringly expressive. Identity embraces the essence of modern design with clean lines, artful angles and exceptional strength.


Born from a passion for clean pure design, the Purity Collection evokes a sense of eternal innocence. Each element is carefully crafted and is a consummate work of art, with smooth round surfaces and subtle artful details. The result? Simple sophistication.


Clean lines. Delicate details. Simplicity adds individuality without unnecessary complexity. It’s a subdued confidence that allows the splendor of its one-of-a-kind beauty to be revealed.


From the distinctive texture of the crosshatch knurling to the enduring hand-polished finish, our commitment to precision and quality runs deep. A timeless work of art, Beliza compliments transitional and modern design – the perfect way to accentuate the style you’ve made uniquely your own.


The Divina Collection is expertly designed with the utmost attention given to the smallest details – setting an uncompromising standard in a world of possibilities.


Bold and beautiful. The Dante Collection makes an indelible impression, boasting definitive angles paired with softer round legs. A modern force with a timeless spirit, each handcrafted piece is constructed with solid brass, designed to endure both generations and styles.


Elaborate faceting smooth curves and an enduring finish elevate this masterpiece, creating a flawless object of beauty. Roscato is the essence of glamorous days gone by, yet inspires an engaging glimpse into the future.


Strikingly designed. Highly desirable. The ArtWorth Collection, with its hammered facets, provides an exquisite glimmer to each masterful work of art that beholds its name.


Like many of our time’s most treasured works of art, the inspiration for the Cala Collection was born from centuries-old architecture. Smooth lines. Curved edges. And the solid construction. All reminiscent of Europe’s most magical castles and fortresses.


Refined. Rich. And eternally romantic. Palazzo radiates effortless elegance with an influence of octagonal accents. More than simply an accessory, Palazzo blends emotion and creativity with exceptional craftsmanship and artisanal European design.


From handcrafted solid brass construction to the smooth enduring finish, the flawlessly designed Ronan collection becomes an undeniable force that brings luxury hardware front and center.


Old World charm meets meticulous attention to detail. Where attraction precision and symmetry go hand in hand. The Alston Collection brings perfection to life with solid brass elements that seem to effortlessly float on air. Strong lines feminine curves and a hand-polished finish create the ultimate pièce de rèsistance.

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