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Sherle Wagner International has been the premier source, world-wide, for luxury hardware and bath accessories since its founding in 1945. The Company is a heritage brand, now operated by the family’s third generation, and is known for its incomparable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Sherle Wagner International operates its own domestic factory in Massachusetts. Skilled artisans combine old-world techniques with the newest and most cutting edge technology. Products are cast in solid brass and bronze, hand plated, and hand finished, accomplishing jewelry-grade detail. Sherle Wagner artisans include ceramicists, painters, and metal-workers.

Because Sherle Wagner International handles its own design, development, and manufacturing, the company is able to offer extensive custom services.

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Sherle Wagner International offers a wide range of styles, with collections to fit any taste or project. Contemporary collections include the most current styles, bringing Sherle Wagner’s history of excellence to today’s tastes.


Modern collections exemplify the innovative minimalism of modern design. Sherle Wagner himself designed many of the pieces in the mid 1900s, meaning that these collections are authentic originals.


Each collection of fittings, accessories, and hardware is offered in any of nineteen different metal finishes. Classic collections are incredibly versatile. Their appeal is timeless and universal.


Many collections come with optional semiprecious stone or ceramic elements. Heritage collections include the highly detailed masterpieces of the company’s origins. Exquisite designs become the centerpiece of any room.


Faucets and Fittings

Sherle Wagner International collections serve as complete solutions, including every element of the bath suite. Fittings are cast in solid brass or bronze, hand chased and polished, and plated in any of a vast choice of finishes. Some are accented with semiprecious stone or onyx, adding to the jewelry-like quality of the pieces. China Fittings are hand decorated by highly skilled artisans.

Tubs and Shower Sets

Sherle Wagner International offers all the necessary components to a luxurious bathing experience, including tub sets, shower systems, and exposed tub and shower systems.


Carved from stunning natural stone or produced in Sherle Wagner’s specialty ceramics shop, fixtures include under edge and over edge sinks, vessel sinks, counters and consoles, pedestals, and tubs.


Accessories include shelves, towel bars, towel rings, hooks, soap dish and tumbler holders, mirrors, medicine cabinets, grab bars, countertop accessories, and waste bins.


Door Hardware

Sherle Wagner International collections extend beyond the bath and throughout the entire residence. Door Hardware includes door knobs, door levers, back plates, push plates, flush pulls, thumb turns, cylinder covers, and door hinges.

Cabinet Hardware

Delight in the exquisite details with cabinet hinges, cabinet knobs, as well as pulls for appliances and cabinets.

Drawer Hardware

Drawer knob and bar pulls are offered in Sherle Wagner’s full range of collections to complement any furniture piece or dressing room.


Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers

Ceiling Lights and chandeliers include intricately beaded crystal globes and striking contemporary pieces.

Table Lamps

Recently introduced, Sherle Wagner International’s table lamps are offered in a range of fun and colorful styles created and hand glazed in the ceramics shop.

Wall Lights

Illuminate the room with style. Sconces range from traditional to contemporary, utilizing a range of materials including metals and rock crystal.

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