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Samuel Heath has been creating stunning, quality kitchen and bath fixtures for over 200 years. Founded on the principle that craftsmanship and design are central to the manufacturing process, Samuel Heath remains committed to ensuring integrity and seamless construction throughout its products. A Samuel Heath fixture combines modern design with craftsmanship rooted in a time when products were a statement of a company’s internal values. Products are built to last and designed to inspire, offering faucets for your kitchen and bath that will elevate your home and engage your senses.

Samuel Heath Spotlight

Samuel Heath combines modern production techniques with a craftsmanship and attention to quality and detail that’s very much rooted in the past. The result? A line of products that are aesthetically brilliant, functionally perfect, and built to last for generations of use.

Samuel Heath places user experience as a top priority throughout all products and fixtures from form to function, creating beautiful products that offer visual and tactile stimulation and engagement. This commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at design; all product materials and finishes are carefully sourced, selected to ensure the highest levels of quality, feel, and comfort.

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Kimberly Colletti gives you a firsthand account of how she designs, why she chose the brands used in this home, and how her relationship with Annette Reeves, sales consultant at PIRCH, makes projects like this as dreamy as they look.

One Hundred Collection

Named for 100 Leopold Street, the location of their brassfoundry, Samuel Health’s One Hundred Collection celebrates the luxury found in simple, daily routines. Featuring contemporary styles and minimalist design, this collection will bring effortless opulence into your bathroom experience.

The One Hundred Collection celebrates Britain’s longstanding reputation for fine products and luxury experiences, calling upon a legacy of design seen throughout iconic British brands.

The One Hundred Collection accessory line adds the crucial finishing touches to your bathroom space. Designed to complement and enhance, these accessories add continuity to the look and feel of your bathroom.

The showers featured in the One Hundred Collection introduce an indulgent sophistication to your daily shower rituals. Convenience, style, performance.

LMK Industrial Collection

Samuel Heath’s Industrial Collection combines raw materials with refined designs that straddle the line between industrial grit and aesthetic excellence.

With the Industrial Collection, Samuel Health brings a raw luxury to your shower experience and routine.

When done right, taps can be a visual touchpoint that anchors your entire bathroom aesthetic. Samuel Health’s Industrial Line taps bring minimalist function and design excellence into your space.

Fairfield Collection

Samuel Heath’s Fairfield Collection taps bring you back to the glamour and elegance of the 1800s, offering traditional designs with modern functionality and performance.

The Fairfield Collection shower line celebrates character, craftsmanship, and design. These showers blur the lines between old school elegance and modern performance, giving you a shower that will inspire, engage, and excite.

The Fairfield Collection brings you back to the Arts and Aesthetic movement of the late 1800s. A combination of formal design and modern engineering, these fixtures are available in crystal, wood, ceramic, or metal.

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