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Starting in the 1930’s as a trade exporter in Korea (selling dried fish, vegetables and fruit) Samsung has grown triumphantly into a world-class brand. Transitioning out of the dried food industry, and into the world of technology and appliances, Samsung is an industry leader when it comes to producing home appliances. Their washers and dryers clean loads of laundry quickly, quietly and gently while their kitchen appliances are inspired by world-renowned chefs and designed to revolutionize the way food is prepared, preserved and presented. Pirch is proud to carry Samsung products, as they have worked tirelessly for decades to improve their technologies – and have proven themselves time and time again. Samsung continues to make the lives of this generation just a little bit easier than the last, allowing less time on chores and more time for what’s important – time spent with friends and family


The Bespoke Kitchen by Samsung

Create a kitchen that expresses your personal style with customizable kitchen appliances available in a variety of premium colors and finishes. Whether you prefer to match, complement, or contrast—the choice is yours. Bespoke appliances are designed for you, by you.

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