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Outdoor kitchen is where memories are made. Cooking, dining and entertaining family and friends during family dinners, holidays, parties or events in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Enjoy good food, wine, music, children’s laughter, the smell of burnt meat and herbs. Outopia outdoor kitchens will enhance that experience with overall ambiance and visual appeal of the outdoor space.

Outopia Spotlight

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Outopia outdoor kitchens design concept is similar to an indoor kitchen. Start with a layout, then capture the customer’s hospitality spirit, create a kitchen concept that will define the cooking and preparation space, storage and cooling space, as well as seating & serving area.

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Outopia outdoor kitchens brand made out of pure passion for high-end contemporary modern design. All aluminum made cabinets are the perfect choice for outdoor use in any weather condition.

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Outopia outdoor kitchens are made for people who share a true passion for life, with a selection of standard sizes as well as the option to order custom sizes to match your needs.

Design Meets Technology

Outopia outdoor kitchens brand developed and manufactured in Israel by Emka Klein. The group has vast experience in the design industry, as well as deep roots in manufacturing and engineering. Outopia’s dedicated team works year-round, to develop new features as well as enhanced user experience in order to create the dream outdoor kitchen.

Using patented design profiles, thin panels, concealed adapters, high quality hardware, multi-layer color coating, strong engineering structure, super light-weight cabinets, rubber seals at all doors, soft-close drawers, more storage space, improved heat removal technology, suits all weather, and features LED light system inside and outside cabinets. Outopia light-weight design is the perfect solution for installations on rooftops, balconies or penthouses.

Outopia outdoor kitchens are made to meet interior designer’s standards and requirements. Allow you to match the style of the interior design with the landscaping space. Design your dream kitchen with a tailor made collection of 12 different cabinet types, 4 different panel styles and 13 different colors to choose from. Unique patented profiles enable you to create a single or duo tone color/ shade combination using slat inserts and door panels and frames as white canvas for your imagination to create endless possibilities.

Aluminum Craftsmanship

Outopia offers complementary matching panels to cover walls, pillars, benches, planters, fire pits and more, to assist you to achieve a complete look & feel.

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