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M|R Walls is a Southern California based design studio by Mario Romano. Mario Romano creates the most beautiful 3D textured surfaces in the world. With backgrounds in architecture and construction, M|R Walls offers an exclusive line of non-repeating designs of any size, infinitely customizable, and installed with a patented process that conceals the seams between panels. M|R Walls is the central design point of high-end structures around the world, installed in name brand companies and high-end homes alike. MR Walls is animated by the new and exceptional, the original, the next. Every project is bespoke for them, whether it starts with a catalog design or a completely blank slate – because it’s shaped to your vision, your dream. Solid surface has been flat for 60 years, MR Walls provides a new freedom of design choice just for you.

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M|R Walls Spotlight

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Kamila from M|R Walls shows you the beautiful displays at our Mission Viejo showroom and describes how they can create custom sculptured walls throughout your home.

Visit the Costa Mesa showroom to experience M|R Walls Glacier White in the Dream Rooms and Deep Nocturne at the Patio.

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Patented Install Technology is embedded within the design of M|R Walls.


Hex Powder Room and Shower in Deep Nocturne, M|R Walls is waterproof, grout free, and antibacterial.

Origami Bath in Glacier White, M|R Walls seamless joints are concealed within the texture for infinite scale and design options.

Custom Design for Master Bath, play in the sandbox with M|R Walls Custom Design Phase.

Kitchen & Bar

Corian moves from horizontal to vertical with M|R Walls, full kitchen design including backsplashes, hoods, and feature walls.

Entertain with a one of a kind Backlight Bar. M|R Walls offers over 30 standard designs with options to backlight. Honey, pictured here, is one of our favorites.

Statement pieces are the heart of M|R Walls like kitchens are the heart of a home, a space to gather and share with loved ones. Backlight Walls have LED strips behind them to let the light shine through. 

Exterior & Water Features

Bird Feathers, a lapped fin approach perfect for facades and exterior walls.

Exterior Backlight Feature Wall in Rays Design. M|R Walls is UV Rated, Fire Rated, and Color Warranted.

Southern California, home of the resort backyard. M|R Walls is pool and water friendly with the option to add waterproof backlights. Deep Nocturne is one of many Corian colors that we offer.


Honey Backlight, the perfect backdrop to your living space. When the movie is starting, grab the remote and dim the lights.

Illuminated from behind, Flame Backlight will allure anyone to come touch a little piece of magic. Backlight M|R Walls are remote controlled and can be set to any color on the spectrum.

Backlight M|R Walls shine in the daylight. This Billow bedroom can be set to multiple white options that offer a clean accent piece.

Custom Design

The Lotus is one of many photo realistic Custom M|R Walls projects. Provide us with imagery or inspiration, the Custom Design Phase includes 3 design passes with custom renders and samples.

No dream is too little or big. When designing the Custom Lake Water Feature, we worked closely with the client to execute their desires to the fullest extent.

Casa Milano logo textured into our Symphony design with backlight, this is one of our many approaches to showcase your branding through M|R Walls.

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Select the nearest city and feel free to visit our showroom anytime to explore and be inspired. Or make an appointment with a Sales Consultant to help you discover the perfect products.