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Wellness is not a luxury, it is essential. Operating on the core belief that there is room for wellness in every home, Mr. Steam has been creating steam showers for over 100 years, bringing one of the oldest therapies in the world directly to your bathroom. Award-winning showers are engineered to relax the body and the mind while bringing an air of sophistication and elegance into your space. Health and wellness have never looked or felt this good.

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Aesthetics, performance, and wellness are the cornerstones of the Mr. Steam brand. Showers are designed to enhance the look and flow of a space while offering spa-quality steam experiences that reduce tension, increase relaxation, and provide room for self-reflection and care.

Mr. Steam showers and virtual spas come wi-fi equipped and are easily controlled by wireless remotes, which make it easy to turn up the heat and steam whenever you need it.

As a brand, Mr. Steam wants you to get the steam experience you need to enhance your health, wellness, and relaxation. That is why Mr. Steam offers SmartSizing™, which measures the exact amount of steam that works with your space and in your home.

Steam Showers

Mr. Steam showers offer an immersive steam experience right in your bathroom. With aromatherapy add-on options, wireless controls, and accessories like towel warmers and wall seats, you have everything you need to bring the spa to you.

At Mr. Steam, simplicity is a virtue. Their steam showers are chic, clean, and offer a refreshing and smooth aesthetic that calms the body, mind, and senses.

Therapeutic Showers

Mr. Steam’s chromatherapy uses color to enhance your steam shower experience, deepening relaxation and offering a stimulating and engaging experience.

Aromatherapy infuses botanical oils and fragrances into the steam in your shower, providing a powerful sensory experience that decreases tension and opens airways.

Mr. Steam showers come with music therapy compatibility. When you add music into your steam, you engage your auditory senses and increase relaxation, meditation, and self-focus.

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