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Driven by innovation and characterized by sophisticated, elegant design, Germany-based Liebherr Corporation brings the best of Europe to the refrigeration category in North America. Liebherr has specialized in developing and manufacturing first class refrigerators and freezers of premium quality and cutting edge design for more than 60 years. Liebherr has a full line of premium refrigerators to fit any design vision you have for your kitchen. Their freestanding/semi built-in stainless models are sleek centerpieces that make a professional statement. The built-in models are perfect for layouts that call for units that slide into cabinet surrounds. The fully integrated/seamless models become one with your kitchen plan, hidden behind your custom cabinetry. Liebherr appliances boast a compelling array of innovative ideas. Variable speed compressors, DuoCooling, SuperCool, SuperFrost, and BioFresh are just some examples of ongoing substantial progress with one goal in mind: Better Food Preservation. Innovative ideas are constantly added to the products for enhancing freshness, improving ease-of-use and saving even more energy to raise customer product value.

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