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LG is a global technological force, creating some of the most innovative consumer electronics and home appliances. The company’s benchmarks have always been innovation and the creation of unique, engaging user experiences. When you purchase an LG product, you know you’re getting something that was engineered with your experience and life in mind.

LG appliances revolutionize tasks like cooking and cleaning, making these activities more enjoyable and efficient. Their ovens and stoves cook food faster and enhance the natural flavors and textures of your meals. Their washers and dryers do more with less, reducing the time it takes to complete a load of laundry and giving you dry cleaning and steaming capacity at home.

At PIRCH, we intrinsically believe that aesthetics and performance can go hand-and-hand in one seamless appliance. LG shares our refusal to settle and offers laundry and kitchen appliances that are aesthetically brilliant and technologically sound. It’s life… just better.

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LG Spotlight

LG is world renowned for their electronics and appliances. The brand has been developing innovative products for over 60 years, making innovation and design accessible and firmly within reach. LG isn’t just a technology brand, they put thought and intention into the way their products look and feel, offering appliances that are chic, timeless, and able to effortlessly elevate the look, feel, and function of any space they inhabit.

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At PIRCH, we are transforming the chore of laundry to a pleasurable experience with custom designed laundry rooms like this one on display in our La Jolla showroom. LG washer and dryer pairs anchor the ends which feature cabinetry, faucet, sink, and surfaces chosen especially for the task – so to speak.

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The LG WashTower™ is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your space. An Easy-Reach Center Control™ panel lets you skip the step stool and keeps the power and innovation of LG’s intelligent laundry systems at your fingertips.

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The LG Styler offers a dry cleaner-quality clean within the four walls of your home. With the Styler, you can wash plush toys, bedding, and clothing with the power of steam. Since steam is more hygienic than regular water and is much gentler on your clothes and accessories, this means you get a better clean that helps you keep the things you love longer. 


The brand’s washers and dryers feature space-saving designs that use less energy and can accommodate large loads. Less clutter, more clothes, a better clean.

The Styler presses, deodorizes, cleans, and sanitizes, giving you a world of function in one unit. With wifi capability and an easy-to-use iPhone and Android app, the LG Styler brings convenience and innovation to your laundry room.

Want cleaner clothes? LG Washers feature 6Motion technology that combines six washing motions to get a deeper, longer lasting clean.

LG’s TrueBalance reduces noise and vibration, giving you a more pleasant, relaxing laundry experience.

For small loads that can’t wait. The LG SideKick™ allows you to tackle two loads at once. You get specialty cycles for the items you prefer to wash separately, so you can kick back with every load.


LG’s Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice™ brings making your favorite cocktails into your home with three different ice options for your drink: slow-melting Craft Ice™, crushed, or cubed. And with the latest in energy saving technology, LG refrigerators cost less to run, store more food, and keep your produce fresher, longer.

Use the ThinQ app to start the oven, set timers or check on dinner from anywhere. Simply speak to control your oven with Alexa and the Google Assistant. And with the SideChef, Innit or Tovala apps, inspiration to expand your menu is right at your fingertips.

Never be without your favorite dishwasher detergent. Our new auto replenishment services give you three convenient reordering options through the LG ThinQ® mobile app: a Subscription based on time period, an Auto Order based on how much you use, or with Amazon smart reorders.

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