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Conveying sophistication at the same time as expressing an aesthetic dimension that is perfect for demanding lifestyles. Lapitec® offers attention to detail, exclusivity and the meticulous sophistication of modern elegance – a premium choice. Lapitec® is a natural alternative to marble and is able to adapt to changing architectural and interior design requirements, providing otherwise impossible application solutions.

Lapitec Spotlight

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Erika joins Laura from Lapitec as they talk about how their countertop completes this outdoor kitchen display in our Costa Mesa showroom.

Lapitec® is the world’s only sintered stone: a timeless surface made from a selected mixture of natural and incredibly pure minerals, ideal for adding a touch of charm to any environment.

Lapitec® Sintered Stone has been created to replicate natural stone in appearance and application. It guarantees high-durability and performance, making it suitable for use in a wide range of contexts and spaces indoors and outdoors.

Lapitec® is a highly resistant material to heat, scratches, and stains. It is UV resistant making it the perfect choice for your outdoor kitchen and bar countertops.



Combining aesthetic elegance with high levels of physical-mechanical performance, Lapitec proves to be the best possible solution in the kitchen; in fact, it only requires minimum maintenance and guarantees maximum levels of hygiene. Luxury isn’t just looks: it’s also about being able to place a hot pan on your work surface without having to worry. In addition to being able to withstand high temperatures, Lapitec is non-absorbent, meaning that the surface does not perish over time, as it prevents external agents from staining, ruining or damaging it.

Bath & Spa

Lapitec’s great resistance to both high and low temperatures and damp conditions make it a versatile material that’s perfect for the bath, as well as spas, relaxation corners and wellness areas.

Beautiful aesthetics together with functionality: not just pleasant to look at, but also safe thanks to the non-slip properties offered by Lapitec’s structured finishes.

Outdoor Entertainment Center

Lapitec slabs are highly resistant, making them perfect for outdoor applications, such as outdoor kitchen worktops and barbecue areas.

Pool Cladding

Thanks to Lapitec’s high resistance to outdoor environmental conditions and the non-slip performance offered by the most structured finishes, this material is perfect for cladding both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as for the paving around the swimming pool itself.

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