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KOHLER creates faucets and bathroom fixtures that blend some of today’s most innovative engineering and mechanics with brilliant designs that bring style and function into your daily life. While KOHLER prioritizes aesthetic excellence, the primary focus remains on developing products and fixtures that exceed all expectations in functionality and longevity. KOHLER also puts special effort into eliminating the potential of spreading germs throughout the home. With touch-free faucets, voice-controlled faucets, and self-cleaning toilets, KOHLER offers a product line that limits points of contact, and in turn, the spread of germs and viruses.

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KOHLER Collections


KOHLER’s Purist faucet collection combines strong architectural shapes with features taken from the world’s leading professional kitchens. A three-function push-button pull-down spray head provides you with options for an aerated stream for rinsing, Sweep spray for cleaning, and boost function for fast filling of pots and pitchers.


The Cairn sink from Kohler gives off French sophistication, offering a transitional aesthetic that works well in contemporary and transitional kitchens. Constructed from Kohler Neoroc, a matte-finish composite material that’s as durable as it is breathtaking, the Carin is scratch, impact, and stain resistant and can handle extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum.


The Whitehaven apron-front kitchen sink from KOHLER offers an aesthetic that’s rustic yet modern, traditional yet versatile, and that brings performance and innovation into your kitchen. A large single basin allows for large pots and pans, and a sloped bottom enables easy draining and clean-up.


With KOHLER’s rain head showers, you get the feeling of being immersed in a warm summer downpour. Using Katalyst air-induction technology, KOHLER’s line of stainless steel rain head showers mix air and water to produce large water droplets for a powerful experience that will transport you from your bathroom into your ultimate summer rain experience.

With the Awaken showerhead, KOHLER brings its hallmark quality, design, and performance into your shower experience. With three distinct spray options, the Awaken gives you the choice between wide coverage, intense drenching, or targeted water flow, allowing you to choose the experience that will provide the most refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating shower experience. With thumb tabs designed to match the curve of your hand and the subtleties of your finger, you can easily switch between functions mid-shower.


KOHLER’s line of kitchen and bathroom sinks offer gorgeous, durable solutions that can match any space, style, or design.

Pedestal sinks are a great option for smaller bathroom spaces. KOHLER’s Rêve sink creates a striking visual touchpoint in your bathroom and can be combined with the brand’s line of mirrors and accessories to create a striking, cohesive aesthetic.


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KOHLER’s ContinuousClean toilet self-dispenses cleaning tablets of your choice, cleaning the bowl every time you flush. With Revolution 360® flushing technology, each flush provides a comprehensive, whole-bowl clean that leaves nothing behind. The result is a toilet that stays cleaner, safer, and more hygienic longer, protecting you and your family from dangerous germs and bacteria.

With a lid that automatically opens as you approach, an automatic flush, and a UV light disinfection wand, KOHLER’s Intelligent Toilet limits physical contact between user and toilet, drastically decreasing opportunities for the spread of germs and viruses. The Intelligent Toilet also offers a warm-water/warm-air cleaning and drying system that gives you a better, more holistic clean than toilet paper and limits waste, decreasing the environmental footprint of your bathroom and home.

The Corbelle two-piece toilet by KOHLER is powerful, stunning, and efficient. Outfitted with Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology, the Corbelle stays cleaner longer, eliminating more debris with each flush than a traditional toilet. The Corbelle is also WaterSense®-labeled as a high-efficiency toilet, meaning that you will use less and save more on your water bill each year.


With their freestanding baths, KOHLER offers a stylish, dramatic focal point for your bathroom. Made from high-quality materials chosen to enhance the feel and comfort of these tubs, the brand’s freestanding baths offer a luxurious, engaging bath experience.

KOHLER’s underscore bath features a sleek, simple design, enhancing your bathroom aesthetic with a contemporary look and feel. With a sloped backrest to support your neck and back and a slotted overflow function that allows for deep soaking, these baths offer the ultimate bathing experience right in the four walls of your home.

The two-person corner bath from KOHLER allows you to stretch out and relax, all while maintaining a small, compact spatial footprint. With integrated back support and armrests, and a flange that protects the surrounding walls from water damage, these acrylic tubs offer all of the comfort and none of the risk.

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