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Karcher Design


Founded in 1991, Karcher Design have established themselves as a premium choice for contemporary door hardware.  Through their universal comprehensive structure, timeless design at the highest level and the fascination of combining this with the most simple, quickest and highest-quality engineering possible, they were able to expand their strong market position beyond the borders of Germany into regions abroad. With their exclusive product range, customers can create their own personal combination of door handle model and rose variant in a wide range of finishes and looks.

Karcher Design Spotlight

the Cosmo BLack finish

The award-winning Cosmos Black finish by Karcher Design offers a special kind of touch sensation. The matte black color is applied to the door handle by powder coating. The process is environmentally friendly and makes the products scratch and corrosion resistant. The silky soft surface creates an unforgettable feeling.

limitless options

Entry sets are available with over 50 different Karcher Design lever models and in a range of finish options, including satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel and the award-winning finish Cosmos Black.

Simple, slim, distinctive

Karcher Design’s new Plan Design Rose for pre-bored doors offers the perfect look for contemporary spaces. The flush rose design rests just above the plane of the door, for a smooth transition ideal for sleek aesthetics, combining design with functionality.  

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