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In 2003, Home Refinements by Julien was born from the desire to bring our expertise gained in professional kitchens design and build to the residential scene. The result is a brand that features professional-grade form, function, and limitless possibilities with our À La Carte sink program in addition to offering different collections of sinks and accessories. Today, we build on our passion for the kitchen as we take it outside to the great outdoors. Home Refinements also offers a vast selection of stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets, from specialty storage to fully integrated sink cabinets. Staying true to our nature, we offer numerous options and accessories to tailor your outdoor kitchen to your specific need. At Home Refinements, we believe your sink or your outdoor kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and allow you to work in perfect synergy with your environment. It is the fundamental principle that guides us as we develop all our products. Since every customer has a unique personality, and every décor has its own authenticity, we offer exclusive distinction.

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