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Since its foundation in 1989, Irinox has been a pioneer in presenting the concepts of blast chilling and top-quality food preservations. Irinox has always believed in constant research and improving technologies for perfect preservation. An innovator in spirit, over the years it has developed cutting-edge products, offering concepts that have set new standards. Irinox products not only provide freshness, but are also attractive with simple intuitive controls.

Blast Chilling

Why Blast Chilling?

Triple your food’s shelf life by blast chilling it before storing it in the fridge. Irinox’s blast chillers rapidly lower food temperature to 37ºF, quickly dropping through the range where bacteria can proliferate. This is ideal for preserving the quality, fragrance, colors, and aromas of food. Irinox’s blast chillers also offer a shock-freeze cycle, which rapidly takes the food to 0°F at the core. The result: perfect preservation, with stored frozen food thawing exactly as it was when fresh.


Freddy is the first blast chiller made for domestic use, with an essentialist design that’s appealing in any kitchen. Freddy can lock the succulence into food at just the right moment and keep it there over time. Flavor, vitamins, color and consistency can always be enjoyed at their best.

With technology only used by professional restaurants and hotels, Freddy is now the only domestic appliance in North America that enables you to completely master your kitchen. Cook when you want, not when you have to. Eat healthy, not fast. Taste food as if it had never been frozen.

Freddy unites blast chilling and slow heating, managing temperatures of -31 to 176 °F (-35 to +80 °C) and providing 9 innovative functions. Freddy is Irinox-patented technology.


Fresco is the appliance for magic, swift food chilling. You’re sure to fall in love at first sight with its exclusive design, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never again want to do without it in the kitchen. 

Fresco is the first over-the-counter household Multifunction Blast Chiller that lets you transform your lifestyle through 9 functions that help you eat better, foster conviviality and minimize waste.

Fresco and Fresco Élite are the only household appliances that can triple the shelf life of fresh or cooked food, inspiring you to unleash your culinary potential and create flavors never tasted before.

Fresco Élite

Fresco Élite can cook meat and fish at low temperature, proof bread, pizza and bakery dough, serve you with a piping hot dish whenever you want, preserve food at the ideal temperature and chill wine and drinks.

Fresco Élite is the only appliance that can rapidly chill or freeze hot, just-cooked food and thaw it under controlled conditions.

Fresco Élite, like the classic black and white Fresco, can transform your way of living through 9 innovative functions. Nevertheless, the design and dimensions are assembled for our detail lovers who are always looking to excel.

Vacuum Sealing


Zero is the first domestic professional-standard built-in vacuum sealer that can vacuum any liquid reaching a 99.9% vacuum capacity. This superior quality natural process is extremely effective in keeping food properties intact longer, without compromising nutrients.

For delicate food such as soft cheese, cakes, salads, or anything that easily crushes. Gentle vacuum hermetically seals bags or containers by simply heat sealing them without necessarily creating a vacuum.

Zero is indispensable for vacuum cooking and preserving food in the fridge up to five times longer. Customizable settings lets it adapts to different needs to effortlessly suit the type of food and the desired result.

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