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ICO Bath

ICO was founded in 2004, with its two distinctive towel warmer brands earning the coveted CSA stamp of approval for quality. Since then their product offering has grown to include a line of over 800 luxury bathroom accessories, vessel sinks and in-floor heating systems designed to accommodate a broad range of tastes and budgets. From the beginning, ICO has been committed to developing and manufacturing products of the highest quality while making luxury affordable for our customers across North America. ICO strives to enrich lives through comfort, luxury and design.

Towel Warmers


Breathe life into your bathroom with Tuzio. ICO fused contemporary design, comfort, and luxury to develop this exceptional range of towel warmers. They believe your bathroom should be your sanctuary, so they created a bold, balanced and timeless range of towel warmers to reinvigorate your space and make home your favorite place to be.


This range is the ultimate, affordable choice for luxury towel warmers. The gorgeous collection is available in a range of striking silhouettes and on-trend finishes, and promises to add a statement design feature to any bathroom. Kontour is characterised by bold lines, design flair and striking statement pieces – all while providing warmth and comfort in your home.

Vessel Sinks & Vanities


Revitalise your bathroom with Calma. Bold structures and elegant pieces from fine materials, and quality European craftsmanship have been skillfully paired to create this beautiful range of bathroom furniture and vessel sinks. At the heart of each design is the simplicity of a product that functions as flawlessly as it looks.

Bathroom Accessories


Inspired by elemental power and stark beauty, Volkano bathroom accessories are bold, confident and expressive. This collection of understated accessories functions beautifully and fuses practicality and luxury in your home. Volkano’s strong, statement pieces promise to embolden your bathroom style and rebalance your aesthetic with elegance and strength.

Infloor Heating


Bring comfort to your home with infloor heating. CosyFloor is not only fast and easy to install, but also a super-efficient investment compared to other heating systems. You can expect optimum floor temperatures to be achieved quickly, all with minimal heat loss. CosyFloor mat and cable systems can accommodate virtually any floor finish, and you can choose from a range of sizes to perfectly suit your space and layout.

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