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Icera’s mission is to improve quality of life through luxury bathroom design, with practical performance and ecological efficiency. Founded in Southern California in 1987, Icera pioneered decorative bath fixtures in coordinated suites with the St. Thomas Creations brand, followed with contemporary and transitional designs under the Icera brand in 2010. They’ve continuously embraced innovation in design and technology to deliver industry-leading performance toilet fixtures, with matching vanities and toilet accessories for a complete, unified and luxurious bathroom experience.

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Water Closets

Icera fixtures are “designed for life” and are widely recognized and consumer-tested for performance, design and value.

Icera’s EcoQuattro® flushing system offers best-in-class performance among water-efficient toilets in the marketplace. It is independently flush tested to 1000 grams MAP (miso), among other test media.

Select Icera models feature the Rimless Flushing system. Large twin jets and an open rim enable significant volume of water to fall directly into the bowl, maximizing washing force. The open rim makes for much easier cleaning, compared to conventional toilet bowls with holes around the rim – no more stains building up around and inside the rim. Especially useful in hard-water environments.


Icera vanities are made to last using only solid hardwood (no MDF or filler) with dovetail joinery and slow-close doors and drawer rails.

A range of styles from traditional to transitional to complement any bathroom environment.

iWash Smart Products

The Muse iWash Integrated Bidet Toilet combines practicality and pampering in one package. A minimalist silhouette, skirted trapway and antimicrobial MicroGlaze finish come together to provide a sleek look that’s easy to clean.

The remote-controlled seat top offers a full suite of features designed for an exceptionally comfortable experience with every use: an adjustable bidet spray wand with rear, front and oscillating wash options, adjustable water temperature and pressure, a heated seat with adjustable temperature, a warm air dryer, built-in deodorizer, a convenient in-bowl LED nightlight, and a hygienic, hands-free automated flush. Create a personalized user setting to enjoy a customized comfort every time.

Experience the next level of comfort with Icera’s iWash® bidet seat – a feature-packed electronic toilet seat that installs easily in place of a regular toilet seat on most standard elongated toilets. Enjoy the comfort of a cleansing bidet spray, warm air dryer, and heated seat – all controlled by an easy-to-use wall-mounted remote control. Practical features, like a built-in deodorizer and LED nightlight, make the iWash® valuable addition to any bathroom.


Icera’s line of bathroom features stylish designs with everyday use in mind. Icera’s MicroGlaze is an innovative development to improve ceramic finishes, incorporating a specially-formulated glaze with hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) properties. 

On MicroGlaze, water forms droplets, which flow away much more easily – taking away dirt and stains with them. This makes Icera ceramic products more stain resistant, and easier to clean.

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