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Lives should be lived, not designed. Graff offers kitchen and bathroom fixtures for people who want their homes to reflect their styles and realities. The company’s concept is that beautiful spaces spark beautiful lives and that the elements in a home should ignite and engage all senses rather than dictate or engineer experiences. The result of this commitment to spaces that enrich and inspire is a line of kitchen and bath fixtures that bring aesthetic excellence and brilliant performance into your home.

Graff blends European design with American manufacturing, creating products that are steeped in tradition and history while bringing aesthetic and performance innovation that root them very much in the present. Everything from the way they source materials to the styles they create is done intentionally at Graff, and that commitment to detail at all phases of the design process can be seen and felt in their gorgeous fixtures.

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Graff Spotlight

New kitchen collections

Handsome and graceful, the Harley Kitchen Collection accentuates interior and architectural details, bringing the versatility and style of their bath collection to a new frontier.

The Futurismo kitchen collection is designed with futuristic flair and elevated functionality featuring a sleek silhouette, blending high performance and streamlined aesthetics, enhancing and complementing the space.

Inspired by the ingenious architecture of the famed Roman aqueduct of Segovia, Spain, GRAFF introduces the Segovia Collection for the kitchen.

Graff offers fixtures that are designed in Europe and manufactured in the United States. This cross-cultural collaboration results in stunning bath and kitchen fixtures that are aesthetically brilliant, meticulously engineered, and unrivaled in their performance and functionality.

The acclaimed architecture of the Italian Renaissance shapes the superbly customizable Vignola Collection, boasting over 63,000 design combinations, including precious metal finishes and Tuscan marble inserts.


Graff’s Harley line pays homage to the history and culture of the American motorcycle.

Designed to emote the freedom, power, and unencumbered joy of being behind the wheel of a powerful bike.

Industrial, nostalgic, these fixtures are as diverse and tactile as they are brilliant. With their Harley line, Graff really gave it their all in terms of design and detail.

Handles made to resemble the feeling of a steering wheel and colors chosen to elicit images of bikes on the open road give you a complete aesthetic experience that will enhance any bathroom or space they inhabit.


MOD+ defines modern luxury, blending marble and brass to create an award-winning nuanced, dynamic, and versatile aesthetic that performs as well as it looks.

With options to mix and match MOD+ styles, you’re left with a focal point for your bathroom that will inspire, engage, and elevate.

Featuring the choice of marble and brass handle covers followed by an innovative clip design that can be made in any of Graff’s signature finishes, MOD+ makes every design idea you can imagine a reality. And with their MOD+ Configurator, you don’t have to imagine!

Tubs, Basins, & Vanities

Graff’s Sleek-Stone offers transitional and contemporary design options, giving you exceptional fixtures to match any style or desired aesthetic.

Inspired craftsmanship and impeccable charm. Dressage is a collection of furniture with a strong handicraft and manufacturing element, where the warmth of tradition, transmitted by the use of solid wood, meets with the functionality of an innovative material such as DuPont™ Corian®.

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