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A passion for quality, contemporary design and the Italian way of life inspires Fulgor Milano to continually improve and develop in the area of innovation. Creative energy animates them, as they eagerly pursue opportunities for continuous product development. Although Fulgor Milano has had a history of manufacturing cooking equipment since the late 1940’s, it became their goal to build on that heritage and develop cooking equipment that would exceed all expectations of quality, performance, and styling.

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Fulgor Milano Spotlight

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Chef Maria creates this delicious butternut squash pasta skillet dinner using the 48″ Fulgor Milano range with a full induction cooktop. The recipe includes pasta, butternut squash, chicken sausage, cheese, and spices. It’s topped off with fresh prosciutto. Click here for this recipe and more from our PIRCH chefs.



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A solid, professional freestanding range with a clean and rigorous style, Fulgor Milano ranges captivate the most discerning chef with nuanced features that are traditional yet innovative.

Range Top

Fulgor Milano professional range tops feature powerful performance and premium technology, paired with easy to clean surfaces.

Cook top

Combine elegant design, responsive performance, and thoughtful convenience. Subtle yet elegant, Fulgor Milano cook tops exudes luxury while offering all of the features you expect from a premium cooking appliance.

Wall Oven

Fulgor Milano wall ovens feature dual true convection, cool touch soft-close doors, concealed bake elements, and multiple cooking modes, ensuring you can handle whatever culinary challenges come your way.



Professional-quality column refrigeration solutions can be customized for the way you shop, cook and live. Available in multiple sizes for multiple functions including premium refrigeration, freezing and wine storage, the possibilities are endless. 


Fulgor Milano’s premium refrigeration systems, including their wine cellars were developed to be optimized for complete integration, and designed to offer maximum storage capacity. The dual movement hinges ensure that all the fridge drawers extend fully when open. The interior is a brilliant white, for striking luminous effect.


Fulgor Milano’s free-standing counter-depth refrigerator opens wide to reveal features like an internal water dispenser, adjustable fresh zone drawer, tri-level slide-out freezer baskets, and a self-closing freezer drawer.


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Effective ventilation is essential to remove cooking odors and excessive heat from the kitchen. To compliment Fulgor Milano’s line of cooking products, they offer a complete range of ventilation products embody the same Italian excellence one would expect.


We love preparing meals for family and friends, but with that comes the clean up. To make life easier, Fulgor Milano dishwashers include features like quiet performance, stainless interior, a flow-through heater, and adjustable upper racks, you can expect amazing results each time from these dishwashers.


Fulgor Milano’s built-in coffee machines are your personal barista. From storing coffee beans to grinding fresh beans for brewing, to automatically storing puck-grounds into the waste tray. Enjoy barista-style coffee, from espresso to cappuccino at the touch of a button.

Steam cooking enhances the natural flavor and maintains the unaltered qualities of food, especially vegetables and grains. The combi-steam oven lets you cook with traditional and multi-function modes, or to add steam to make the your dish taste more delicate.

A premium kitchen is not complete without a combi-speed oven. Microwave, bake, broil, or use any of the combination cook modes to enjoy the benefits of speed cooking.

More than a warming drawer, this functional appliance can slow cook, proof, leaven, and defrost in its compact and fully enclosed space. Warm plates, hold side dishes warm for serving, keep pies warm for dessert, and make homemade bread rise to perfection.

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