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While often one of the final selections in a home build or remodel, hardware has the power to make or break a space. To Emtek, even the smallest details can make an impact—after all, your door hardware is the first thing you touch when you come home and the last thing you touch when you lock your door behind you before you tackle your day. Emtek prides itself on the ability to provide homeowners with personalized door hardware, custom-assembled to order and shipped within 2-5 business days from their Southern California factory. They offer a range of product categories from cabinet hardware and entry door locks, to accessories like door stops, hinges, and doorbells in a range of modern, traditional, transitional and rustic designs. Fully suited to your style or finish preference, Emtek’s range contains thousands of product combinations that allow you to coordinate all of the hardware in your home (or mix and match throughout!) with ease. Open more than doors with Emtek.

Emtek Spotlight

All Emtek cabinet hardware, entry door locks, hinges, door stops, and doorbells are custom-assembled and come in a range of designs that accommodate all styles, tastes, and personalities. From rustic and traditional to transitional and modern, Emtek offers unrivaled diversity, quality, and aesthetic excellence.

Every piece of door hardware that Emtek produces is fully customizable, which means you can shape your hardware to match the look, feel, and flow of your home. Offering thousands of product combinations, the brand gives you the ability to create hardware continuity across all of the doors and cabinets in your home to feature your finish preferences.

The Spoke knob deconstructs the concept of traditional door hardware by stripping away excess material, leaving a single spoke to bridge the body of the knob with its base. The new Studio Brass product category introduces boutique designs, inspired by the world beyond door hardware.

Go key free with a sleek touchscreen keypad. EMPowered™  is a design-focused electronic lock solution that can integrate with the latest in smart home technology. Easy installation replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes on standard doors. Personalize your lock to work the way you want.

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Cabinet pulls are available in a wide range of styles and finishes and feature knurling and other texturing to make them as pleasant to touch as they look.

Choose from smooth or knurled, in finishes ranging from satin and polished brass, stainless steel, copper, black, and more.

The incredible array of cabinet knobs from Emtek makes it easy and fun to personalize your cabinetry, adding pop and complimenting the rest of your kitchen décor.

Emtek uses a variety of materials to create mixed-finish designs. With their custom design program, if you can dream it up, they can create it.

Door Hardware

Interior levers and knobs come in a vast selection just like the cabinet hardware. Traditional brass and chrome, stainless steel, nickel, porcelain, and more can be mixed and matched to create uniquely personalized designs.

This Wilshire interior lever set is Art Deco inspired with a stepped rosette providing a stately, historic look. It is representative of the way Emtek can span the design universe from modern to traditional.

The Urban Modern sectional entry set offers a soft contemporary profile to set the theme for your home right from the front door.

Other Hardware

Appliance pulls and other large cabinet and door pulls are a great way to make your appliances become one with your cabinetry. These Tribeca appliance pulls are just one example of the broad selection offered.

Emtek has house numbers that are as design forward as their door and cabinet hardware.

Pocket door hardware in traditional, as shown here, and contemporary styles come in various finishes and designs that coordinate with other interior door hardware.

Barn door hardware in oil-rubbed bronze blends high-quality engineering and clean styling for modern, industrial, or farmhouse styles.

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