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Electrolux is passionate about living better. Their products are designed to enrich and enhance. From kitchen appliances that amplify the natural flavors and textures of food to laundry appliances that get your clothes cleaner and help them last longer, Electrolux has revolutionized the daily routines that make life, life. Combine this passion for a life well lived with some of the world’s best product design and engineering, and you have a brand that will change the way you interact with your home, space, and life.

Electrolux Spotlight

The desire to do more, better is central to Electrolux’s daily operations. Their appliances are designed to accomplish more tasks with less energy and in less time, giving you more opportunities to get out and live.

Sustainability is integrated into every aspect of Electrolux’s operations. From products that use less energy, water, and resources to business and supplier relationships built around environmental consciousness, the brand is creating a more sustainable future, one appliance at a time.

Electrolux appliances are designed to engage and built to last. Their appliances feature clean, stainless steel exteriors that are easy to clean and resist stain and rust. Internally, the brand uses the latest, most innovative technology to offer products that have been exceeding expectations and enhancing life for over 100 years.


Also featured on Electrolux’s dishwashers, SmartBoost® premixes detergent and water for the industry’s most effective stain removal power.

Keep white clothing and linens looking newer longer with the Optic Whites™ cycle which prevents the redeposit of dirt and other residues, keeping whites whiter than the normal cycle with bleach.

Electrolux has developed the world’s first Adaptive Dispenser™ designed to accept any type of detergent, including detergent packs.


Electrolux’s kitchen appliances are engineered to enhance the natural, rich, and unique flavors of the foods you prepare.

With one of the industry’s best in-oven sous vide functions, Electrolux offers an easy way to bring out the juiciness, texture, and flavors of your fish or meat. Using air instead of water, this function allows your meat to slowly develop all of the unique taste profiles that other appliances tend or mute.

Explore your culinary creativity with the Electrolux Dual Fuel Freestanding range with the ideal combination of a gas cooktop and electric oven for delicious results, no matter the dish. Achieve accurate, efficient temperature control – whether you need a roaring boil or a bare simmer – with Two Dual Brass Power Burners.



TasteLock™ Plus Crisper with Auto-Humidity Control keep produce tasting fresh like nature intended with smart crisper technology that removes excess moisture and blocks out dry air to prevent shriveling and mold, plus an ethylene absorber reduces the gas emitted by many fruits and vegetables that causes spoiling.

Find a place for everything from large platters and cakes to tall wine bottles and beverages with the Flexible Organization System.

Keep food market fresh with the LuxCool™ Cooling SystemLuxCool™ Cooling System by maintaining a constant temperature with smart sensing technology and a variable-speed compressor which efficiently circulates cold air throughout the refrigerator.


The exclusive LuxCare® Wash Arm uses water more effectively to tackle even the toughest dishes without wasting valuable resources.

Achieve a complete dry the first time with the Perfect Dry® System that circulates air evenly to eliminate towel drying

Flexibility to get dishes sparkling clean between courses with a 30-Minute Clean cycle.

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