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DXV creates luxury kitchen and bath products that engage customers with the greatest eras of American design: Classic (1890-1920), Golden (1920-1950), Modern (1950-1990), and Contemporary (1990-Present). The brand fashions itself as a living historian, bringing America’s rich history of design into the modern home.

America’s rich landscapes, natural materials, and history of culture, architecture, texture are embedded in everything DXV creates. The brand’s products are visually unique and allow customers to transcend time and space each time they interact with a DMX fixture or faucet.

DXV Spotlight

The Classic Movement was rooted in pushing boundaries and breaking norms. The movement put an end to a reliance on precise geometry and lifeless design, moving American architecture into a more natural, energetic, and refreshing phase. DXV’s Classic lines embody this ethos of nature and harmony, offering fixtures and faucets that feature flowing lines and organic details blending industrial and residential to offer a dynamic aesthetic that elevates and inspires.

DXV’s Golden Era collections are refined and intentional, featuring classic designs with a touch of ornamentation and opulence. Think 1920s glamour combined with clean lines, natural materials, and elegant designs. The Golden Era was all about making the ordinary extraordinary and infusing mundane products with accents and glamour that made them pop. With their Golden Era collections, DXV has created a stunning series of suites that bring dimension and beauty into the kitchen and bath.

During the Modern Movement, the individual was empowered over the collective. People were encouraged to reimagine their physical surroundings, creating the spaces they wanted, not the ones they inherited. DXV’s Modern collections feature sharp edges, flowing forms, and geometric patterns, creating pieces steeped in contrast and dripping with aesthetic appeal.

The beauty in contemporary design is that it’s always changing and evolving; it transcends identities and borders. DXV’s contemporary lines feature innovative, sophisticated products designed to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the modern world. Functionally gorgeous, stylishly bold.

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